Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

The Final Countdown!


In Saventh-Yhi, an army was rallied. The party had the support of the Sargavan troops, and convinced the boggards and Radiant Muse to join.


The Chaura-Ka and Vegepygmies refused however—to their own folly.

The civilians gathered in Nyles’ temple, and hoped to survive the coming battle under his guard.

In Illmurea, the morlocks agreed to aid, and the urdefhans kept their word to aid the party. An elemental portal was found and used to summon an ally from among the planes. The group chose a Sharknado.


Aveshi trained the odd horde, and then Pao Pao and Seralya worked to discover how to activate the spire-drills.

It was discovered that to activate the drills, a powerful magic item was required. A legendary item, known as an Ioun Stone! The party responded by casually pulling out roughly a half-dozen. “Take your pick.”

Kline volunteered his Ioun stone, and the spires activated. Dust and roaring noise rose from the jungle as the ancient machinery began their work, and the drills dug into the ground, carrying the army with them.

Aveshi offered his incredible sentient sword to the party, however, none of them were really specialized at using greatswords. Eventually, Pao Pao accepted the weapon, and it’s powers were his.


The parties drill pierced right through the Fortress of a Thousand Fangs, and the army of monsters, humans, and flailing sharks moved through Illmurea to the Sanctum of Ydersius, the snake troops marching out to meet them. The battle was joined.

The party, riding undead bats called skavelings, (immediately renamed “Skrees” by Rodrick) flew out and entered the temple through a side door.


Once inside, they were attacked by starved morlocks, which were swiftly dispached. The party moved through many halls and chambers, dispatching the serpentfolk guards on the way.

In one battle, they fought a Thessalhydra, but it too was swiftly defeated.


The party came to a large courtyard, Pao Pao and his new sword/scouting partner snuck ahead and discovered a huge stone golem.


The party decided not to fight it, and teleported across the room into the hallway on the other side, pulling the door quietly closed behind them.

Moving on, PaoPao scouted ahead. He invisibly ghosted into the room, and found a massive, floating snake head, the Emperor of Scales backed up by a pair of iron golems.


PaoPao reported the sight through the radio dragon, and a plan of attack was made and launched. The ninja attempted to sneak attack the giant snake head, but failed, and was mind-controlled. The party burst through the door, and Hal lunged at the Emperor. It didn’t last five seconds against him.


An iron golem was dropped into a pit of acid and slowly melted. The other moved and badly beat Darve before being smashed by Hal.

Mind-controlled, PaoPao attempted to defend the gore carpet that used to be a legendary monster. Fortunately, Rodrick freed him before he could kill a party member.

The party prepared to go down deeper into the Sanctum, standing on the precipice of the end.


Zanton RonW

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