Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

The Final Vault

As the battle pressed into the mercantile district on the northwestern shores of lake Hirilaka, the party crashes into the raging Gorilla King and his two henchsimians. Hal meets the King in head-on combat along with Darve and the others—including Nyles who put down the shire weed long enough to bring his weight to bear! Seralya takes down the simian witchdoctor and the ape cleric soon falls as well. Ruthazek, the Gorilla king, fell under Hal’s claws.
The following loot and treasure and XP is gained:
XP: 38,400 for the King 38,400/5 = 7,680/player
XP: 38,400 for freeing the ‘pinkskins’ 38,400/5 = 7,680/player
XP: 9,600 for Teka, Charau-ka cleric 9,600/5 = 1,920/player
XP: 8,000 for Charau-ka shaman 8,000/5 = 1,600/player
XP: 10,000 for coordinating battle/war & killing dozens of spoos = 2,000/player

Even if you’ve not officially dinged, you have now. Consider yourself at 12th and 11th for Nyles.

Looty loot:

Ruthazek, Gorilla King: _+3 half plate, 2 Thundering Falchion, MW spear, Amulet of Natural Armor2, Ring of Protection+2, Gold crown worth 2,000gp.

From monkey camp: 10,300gp worth of gold and various gems.

From Teka, cleric: Scroll of cure serious wounds, scroll of flame strike, +2 hide armor, MW heavy wooden shield, +1 Flaming club, Copper armband worth 30gp, spell component pouch, bone holy symbol of Lamashatu.

From monkey shaman: copper arm band worth 30gp and a gnarled broken stick—probably infected with hepatitis or monkey aids.

From the battle field: numerous spoo weapons not worth counting and probably looted by mercs and survivors anyway.

The group went back to the residential district and healed up, powered up, and spelled up.
They then went out to kick ass in the final vault.

First, spying from a distance, some boxed text:
“A narrow dirt trail winds along the side of a cliff. Vines grow down the nearly sheer wall from the top of the escarpment twenty feet above. An untamed tangle of thorny brush lies thirty feet below, while ahead the path continues to climb the eroded dirt wall. The trail rounds a corner and abruptly ends in a short, shadowed draw. A tracery of vines grows along the ravine’s walls and across the space between them like a canopy. A pair of closed stone portals, recessed several feet, stands in the face of the cliff.”

Seralya then spotted well-camouflaged monkeys on the ridge waiting to drop spiked log traps onto the party ruining the surprise and meaning their doom. Hal and company release flying death and maul the hapless spoos.

Moving into the vault, which comes to be known as the Vault of the body thief, Hal unceremoniously kicks in the door on to some boxed text: “The outer doors open onto a large irregular chamber that has been fastidiously cleaned. Every bit of debris and dust has been removed, and the stone floor has been buffed to a dull shine.

Two pallets of dried grass lie in the center of the room, each with a smooth, flat stone for a pillow.”

Davor pushes ahead and ‘stealths’ around and doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary (accept it’s real clean) as he presses on down the hallway ahead. “The tunnel descends into a puddle of muck that extends around the corner.” The group moves cautiously ahead as Dave discovers the punji stake trap when it went through his ankle. As a result, he gets entrapped and poisoned by purple worm poison.

Before the group can come to his aid, two flying invisible ogre mage monks try to bojangle Rodrick with a flurry of blows.
The monks rolled pretty crappy or it would have been worse, but Rodrick pulled through by pulling from his hp sink (Hal). The sister monk was dropped and the remaining sibling went crazy and pressed his attack. Dave dropped his invisibility and started screaming like a little boy attracting 5 boggards to the miry hall. They belch and croak and swing their morning stars to little avail. Nyles keeps poring the heals on—yay!
Soon the party drops the remaining monk and presses in to try and get their weakening friend Dave out of the trap. The boggards get bojangled and Dave finally gets his mangled foot out of the simple but effective trap.

“The mud slick ends in an oddly shaped chamber. Three side rooms extend from a central sitting area holding a crudely cobbled together table and chairs. The mud pool and entry corridor occupy one of these side chambers. Opposite these is an exit corridor. On one side is a room stacked with bags and casks of supplies, and freshly dressed game hanging from hooks on the wall. On the other side, the third chamber holds a number of bedrolls and bundles of personal possessions.”

XP: 19,200 for the monks/5 = 3,840/player
16,000 for the boggards/5 = 3,200/player

From the monks: MW composite longbow (x2), arrows, Amulet of mighty fists +1 (x2), 2 copper bands 60gp. (When you’re leaving one of the bodies is gone.)

From the boggards: 5x (Potion of heal moderate wounds, MW Breastplate, MW heavy wooden shield, +1 Morning star, 3 Javelins, copper arm band 30gp)

Traveling further: “The corridor turns abruptly to the south here, next to a shallow alcove to the north. A large marble statue of stunning design stands in the alcove, depicting a female Azlanti warrior poised with spear raised. Rarely are such works of art found, and even more rarely in such pristine condition.”

Hal prepares to slap a ‘MINE!’ sticker on it, but not before Seralya spots a glimmer off of a trip wire. “Wait!” Hal takes a moment and centers himself and finds himself suddenly able to disable device with a little help from his friends. He discovers that if the statue were touched or anyone passed in front of it, it would have resulted in the spear swinging a wide swath from west to east and exploding a glyph of warding (and would have destroyed the statute). With a little study, the party learns that it is a very ancient and very rare statue of Savinth herself, carved in her lifetime, worth around 10,000gp.

XP: 12,000/4 for disarming the trap/glyph and not destroying the ancient treasure = 3,000/player.

The party presses on: "The corridor widens to form a small cave here. The floors and walls are marred by numerous scratches, and the well-gnawed bones of various animals are scattered across the floor. The air is heavy with a thick, animal stench.”

They find two girallons chained to a wall at the end of a hallway. Darve shouts heroically, “We come in peace!” In response, one of the chained girallons slings some compacted poo at Darve who deftly deflects it with his missle shield feat. Seralya then presses the discussion and finds out that they are kept as pets for ‘their boss who is behind this wall.’ They are more than happy to flee the area if released. A brief discussion and they are released whereby they sprint for the exit, but not before one of them steps in the punji stake trap and howls in pain…in common.

XP: For releasing the Girallons 20,000/4 = 5,000/player.

The party buffs and readies themselves for whatever lies behind the door. Hal triggers the door and moves further in: “Some effort has been made to dress and smooth the walls in this series of chambers. A couple of rough benches lie along the walls, and a lantern sits atop a barrel, giving off a smoky glow.

A darkened opening lies to the south, but to the southwest another chamber flickers with lamplight.”

Through Hal’s tremor sense and Serlaya’s true sight, the party quickly finds a Roper and the Kaava Bush Devil from her visions.
Battle ensues, a pit froms, threats are made, black tentacles erupt ensnaring and harassing much of the party, glitter dust flies, ice falls and entombs, and fire eventually erupts. Quick work is made of the devil as Hal senses more vibrations of something large in the adjacent room.

Meanwhile, slowly but surely, at a zombie’s pace, Mr. Roper climbs up the pit only to be put down in mocking fashion.

XP: 19,200/4 for Mr. Roper = 4,800/player
38,400/4 for the Kaava Bush Devil = 9,600/player

From Kaava: Potion of Cure Serious wounds, Rhino Hide armor, Amulet of Nat Armor +4, Boots of Striding and Springing, 2x copper arm bands worth 30gp each.

“Dozens of candles stand on recessed stone shelves lining the walls of this chamber, many of them burnt down to puddles of dried wax, the rest providing a dim, flickering illumination. An opulent bedchamber and sitting area have been created here on a grand scale out of stolen furniture, crates, and camp gear; the room contains a huge bed draped with netting, a large table cobbled together from crates, and shields and pieces of armor set out as dishes and serving platters.”

In the room: 25x gold ingots worth 100gp each, bag of gold dust worth 850gp, 2x sparkly bracelets worth 300gp each, Small chest with various gems and coins worth 150gp, and a cracked brass horn that glows magical (and mysterious—just begging someone to blow on it!).

The dividing wall that separates the party from the final chamber drops as a Derhii scout steps forward to make war. Behind him: “This room almost defies description. A large stone block stands in the middle of the room, and upon it stand a total of seven rough crystal prisms, each approximately three feet tall. Disembodied brains of various sizes hang suspended in the center of six of the crystals. Copper coils and wires run from lead caps atop these prisms to a large copper vat full of a bubbling green liquid. Additional copper leads extend from this vat to a nearby box of strange, oily metal, humming with energy and capped with two short pillars coiled tightly with copper strands. A small gold platform sits between the two pillars.”


Stymied by the protection from evil dropped on Hal, the Derhii scout, or rather the mutated intellectual devourer/sorcerer inside of him, fails to make a feeble mind spell stick, and then struggles to combat the overpowered game whored summoner and his pet, eventually almost falling to the opportunistic blade of Dave—saved only at the last second by his blur (Dave makes an inner vow to get his eyes checked soon). It dimension doors out to regroup and heal, but before he gets a chance, Seralya tracks him and zeros in on him and Hal storms in to finish him off—missing with the first strike (due to blur), but explodes him with the next swipe!

Study reveals a ‘mad scientist’ type lab with crystalline tubes and gooey brain remnants floating about inside. One intact brain remains—dun dun dunnn!!!

XP: 2,400 for the Derhii Scout/4 = 600/player
51,200/4 for the brainiac/4 = 12,800/player
From the Derhii scout: +1 Falchion and 10 shiny javelins

From the brain: 7x crystalline prisms worth 2,000 each, various mechinations and lab minerals worth 5,000gp, and a portable hole which has an alchemists lab inside, and 4 Azlanti crystals with the rune of wealth.

13 Prestige points earned from this module/player.

From the module: “Once the PCs have recovered all six of the focusing crystals, it is a simple matter to repair the portal in area B13. With the circuit complete, the mural becomes a fully functional two-way portal between that chamber and area B14. From there, the PCs can finally venture into…‘The Thousand Fangs Below.’”

The Simian War

2014-6-23 PF: The Simian War

Darve and Davor, through some quickly purchased and quaffed invisibility and haste potions, rapidly communicate with the survivors and residents of the surrounding districts their need to take up arms and fight to defend their own or become naked abused slaves of the bigoted gorilla king, servant of the demon lord Angazhan.

Through Darve’s diplomatic skills, a la, Mel Gibson in Braveheart,
he stirs the hearts of the people (32), unevolved serpent folk (nat 20), and boggards (26) to fight in spite of their fears or lack of martial skills. His high-minded ideals and stirring speeches didn’t, for some reason (nat 1), reach the prospectors and merchants in the different districts. They had better pray that the Gorilla King is defeated or they will become the new chairs for the new Lord of Saventh-Yhi.

As the others continued to prepare for war, Darve also succeeded in meeting with the Radiant Muse. In trying to communicate and reach agreement with her, he couldn’t help but be reminded of his time with Juliver the way the insane muse bounced about from one mood and thought to another. Employing all his diplomatic training (30), she agreed, when the time was right, to take to the air and demolish any Derhii scouts whose thrumming had been, in her own words, “driving me to the brink of sanity.”

Davor along with Darve and the leaders of the dispatched Sargovan government reinforcements come up with a cohesive multi-pronged battle plan using all available assets, buffs, and pawns to hopefully rid Saventh-Yhi of the newest interlopers.

An hour before dawn, the first wave of attackers move out with Darve riding conspicuously with his banner at the front of an impressive, if not unusual collection of boggards and serpentfolk. They advance along the northern shore of Lake Hirilaka approaching the now overrun mercantile district.

Ruthazek spies and scouts immediately report the advance to the Gorilla King. Enraged by the violation of their ‘honorable’ agreement, Ruthazek releases the whole weight of his winged Derhii scouts to rain death from above as a portion of his lesser monkey and ape foot soldiers move in to engage their enemy.

Before the winged scouts are able to reach the oncoming motley group of frogs and snakes, a hideous laugh echoes from the darkened sky as the lead scout plummets to earth with a sickly thud laughing manically all the way down. From her airborne greater invisible sphere, the Radiant Muse releases her 5 waiting giant mantises that drop down upon the surprised flying gorilla scouts. With combined charms, holds, and her powerful bow and devastating magically imbued arrows few boggards and snakes are slain as the Derhii scouts are whittled down until none remain. With Darve leading the charge both lines of serpent folk and boggards clash into the on-rushing ape and monkey fighters. While an unreal cacophony of boggard croaks, Derhii thrumming, clashing armor and swords, screams of pain and death, and ape and monkey hoots and enraged calls fill the air, the Radiant Muse supports from the air with various boosts and heals before becoming bored with the spectacle and withdraws to her district.

Many fall on both sides, but the battle is still slightly favoring the ‘allies’ as they press further into the Gorilla’s mercantile district. With the reports coming back to the king, both through soldiers and the dying Derhii scouts thrumming, the enraged Gorilla King whips himself into a fury as he commits the rest of his reserves into an all or nothing counteroffensive to try and drive the challengers into Lake Hirilaka. An impressive collection of dire apes and frenzied charau-ka thunder through the streets and across the rooftops in a maddened and raging attack.

The second wave of allies including; veteran Sargovan troops, (including; a crack sniper team), Nyles and his most able warrior priests and clerics, and the rest of the party push into the fray.

The momentum remains with the allies, as the truly frightening power of Hal is released with abandon on the hapless foes.
Darve and Davor press in on the edges of the point of the spear pressing further towards a collision with the now thundering Gorilla King. Having left all semblance of sanity he has entered into a blood lust crushing anything in his path with his bare hands and mauling with his bite.

While all out war still writhes around the party they come face to face with the Gorilla King who bellows, “Meet your doom, pinkskinned liars and cowards! I will have your bones for my throne!”

2nd to last vault, a mean-ass intelligent plane-shifting hasted large spider, and a Gorilla King.

At the conclusion of a tearless funeral for Juliver, a half-orc named Davor stepped up and introduced himself to the group with an official introduction from Jimbob the Sargavan governments emissary that arrived with a fresh garrison of troops into Saventh Yhi.

After Seralya’s standard ‘warm’ witchy welcome and refueling and healings at the hand of Nyles’ temple works, the party headed out to the second to last vault, which will come to be known as the Lair of Illaghri.

Greeting them was some boxed text: “A yawning cave mouth opens in the side of a stony bluff, revealing only inky blackness inside—with perhaps a hint of a dim light source somewhere deep within. Shreds of dirty webbing hang from the entrance, billowing slightly in the faint breeze like tattered death shrouds.”

Pressing in further, still more boxed text: “A wide cavern opens beyond the entrance and extends deeper back into the bluff. More shrouds of tattered webbing dangle from ceiling and walls, and lie scattered among the dried bones of assorted creatures in untidy heaps upon the floor. Larger clumps of webbing hang from the walls, the shrouded forms of animals just visible within—small jungle deer, a large river turtle, a feral pig, and occasionally the more ominous shape of a humanoid form.”

As Hal pushed further into the cavern he was set upon by a gargantuan corpsespun sarcosuchus enrobed in webs with spiders spilling from where the eyes should have been. Any strike from the beast or into the beast with natural weapons resulted in instant spider swarm transfer.
Chomp, chomp and the undead dire croc prepared for a death roll before Hal teleported away from harm. A charge from the cavalier and hits from the rest, including the new half-orc mercenary fell the spider-filled monstrosity. The death blow results in a tidal wave of tiny spiders that flow and scurry into the drifting webs that coat the cavern.

Seralya investigating further finds that at least two of the ‘humanoid shapes’ are desiccated baboons.

Pressing further, Darvan and the Merc (rolling nat 20s) spot amongst the boxed text:
“This vast chamber rises to a height of 80 feet, its ceiling supported by two massive columns. Fluttering draperies of old webbing cover the walls and columns in tattered, dusty brown sheets. A massive formation of ghostly gray webs, woven together to form a gargantuan nest, fills the entire western portion of the room. This webbing rises all the way to the ceiling and continues across the ceiling of the entire chamber. The floor is awash in old bones and bits of rancid debris from living creatures that apparently met their demise here.”

…both ‘a sheet of nearly invisible webbing stretched across it just waiting to entrap intruders’ and high on the ceiling, almost blending in perfectly with her astral webbing, “Illaghri a cantankerous old corpsespinner, a giant spider from the Astral Plane that resembles a gigantic tarantula with bone-white fur and bands of gray and silver around her legs. She also bears skull-like marks on her thorax. Her eight eyes are stark white globes. Illaghri is not particularly hungry at the moment, but she is highly aggressive and territorial…

Before the group can really engage her, four corpsespun boggard thugs come out from behind the pillars in the back of the cave. With a combo of disturbing croaking and puking of spider swarms they amble forward to engage. The spiders bringing poisonous infection which breed weakness and distraction, the group fell them with a combined magics, spiked pits, straight combat, and acrobactics from the newbie.

The hasted cantankerous spider dimension doors (quickened) behind Rodrick and bites him repeatedly until he becomes a temporary potato causing Hal to poof before she dimension doors away.

She then attacks again from the rear 60’ or so away on the ceiling using an incredibly annoying stream of astral webbing meant to entangle her foes before closing for the kill. As she moves forward, Davor the half-orc remembers that he can turn invisible to a greater extent and does so as she closes in on Darve.

Seralya successfully greases the already gitterdusted spider’s grip to the ceiling resulting in a 30’ or so fall and Illaghri being supine for one round. That’s all it really takes for Darve to rain blows down upon her and his mighty steed, Bree to crit bite and stomp her for a bit more, while Davor drops his one hand monkey grip from the ceiling and drives his axe into the exposed thorax of the big nasty.

Having dropped her below 20hp, she plane shifts away instantaneously…perhaps to fight again another day.

A calm falls over the battle field…or cavern floor, as it were.

Corpsespun Sarcosuchus XP: 9,600 9,600/4 = 2,400/player
Corpsespun Boggard Thugs XP: 4,800×4 19,200/4 = 4,800/player
Illaghri XP: Goose egg
Treasure: 90gp 4 Blue Crystals with the Azlanti rune of Righteous Anger
The boggards also all wore copper arm bands with the stamped image of the Maka-yika gang from Seralya’s forth-telling dream.

I forgot to mention that Seralya also found searching the webs a ‘gnarled old branch’ which was in, fact, a Staff of Necromancy: Aura strong necromancy; CL 13th Slot none; Price 82,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.

This staff is made from ebony or other dark wood and carved with images of bones and skulls mingled with strange spidery runes. It allows use of the following spells:

Cause fear (1 charge) Ghoul touch (1 charge) Halt undead (1 charge) Enervation (2 charges) Waves of fatigue (2 charges) Circle of death (3 charges) CONSTRUCTION: Requirements Craft Staff, cause fear, circle of death, enervation, ghoul touch, halt undead, waves of fatigue; Cost 41,000 gp

Davor inexplicably throws Rodrick over his shoulder and hoofs it back towards the residential district, the party follows suit, only to have the air around them erupt with the ominous thrumming of 25 or so Derhii scouts, led by none other than the formerly parkeetified scout from the previous encounter.

With no weapons drawn, the scouts land with a uniform thawomp on the jungle floor. The ape with two parakeet feathers rising incongruously from the crown of his ample dome crosses one huge hairy fist across its chest and bows slightly to Seralya and in a deep rumble proclaims, “The honor of your presence has been requested by mighty Ruthazek, Gorilla King of Usaro. Echoes of your exploits have reached his ears and after sending us to test and see your strengths, he has deemed them to be accurate and wishes to meet you. We ask you to allow us to escort you to our camp in the mercantile district to dine with mighty Ruthazek tonight.”

Wishing to stop the advancing (DC 27 fort) poison from coursing through Rodrick, the group agrees on the condition that they be allowed to take their ailing friend to the temple in the residential district. The scout agrees so long as 8 are allowed to accompany them so as to not return empty-handed to the King.

Seralya agrees to the demand, talking over the perhaps overzealous new party member Davor who was saying something, so long as parakeet ape is one of the eight. With a slightly nervous and perhaps exasperated exhaled, ‘Harumph’ the parakeet ape agrees.

upon arriving in the residential district, Nyles begins immediately to stabilize and reverse the damage to Rodrick while the other party members are healed and tended to by the acolytes of the temple. All rapid haste is made to prepare as best they can before moving on to the newly established camp on the northwest side of Saventh Yhi to meet with the Gorilla King.

As Darve, Davor, and Seralya move in procession towards the camp they spy a plethora of ever thickening number of charu-ka, derhii, girallion, dire apes, and assorted other poo slingers—many armored and armed, many not.

At one end of the camp a large pavilion has been set up, where a massive sliver backed ape sits upon a throne of stone, bone, and gold.
As the party approaches, a broad smile stretches across the Gorilla King’s face as he rises to greet them as joyous whooping erupts. The mighty gorilla moves his arm slowly to one side and silence falls across the gathered primates.

In common he rumbles, “Welcome, mighty warriors. I have been watching you for some time and have looked forward to this meeting. I am honored that you have come—let us eat!” With a mighty chest thump the naked human slaves scurry forward and drop to all fours, two by two, to form chairs for the party and the gathered primate nobility.

A feast it brought forth by more naked human slaves consisting of: “fresh monkey brains and a bloody soup of eyeballs and wild onions, This is followed by raw hippo slab steaks with blood sweat sauce, along with a side of pan-seared botfly larvae glazed in honey. The final course is a rare treat of ice-chilled vegepygmy pulp seasoned with cinnamon and roasted coffee beans.

Prodigious amounts of sour plantain wine are served throughout the feast. The ape courtiers have no problems consuming this fare, but PCs [except Davor the half-orc, who does not find the meal that bad] that do so must make a DC 18 Fortitude saving throw after each course or become sickened for the next 1d6×10 minutes. Failing two or more saves results in becoming nauseated for 1d6×10 minutes.

As dinner is served, the Gorilla King explains that the great Garundi kings of old settled things in a civilized manner in order to avoid undue bloodshed and destruction (a DC 21 Sense Motive reveals that the Gorilla King actually doesn’t mind bloodshed and destruction, but he is relishing his role as the sage ruler at the moment). Instead, matters were settled by determining who was most worthy through contests of strength and skill. The contests that Ruthazek proposes are a test of strength, a test of storytelling, and a test of combat—the PCs must succeed at two of these contests for the Gorilla King to recognize their claim over Saventh Yhi."

After the meal is concluded and discussion among the three party members it is decided that the best approach might be Darve trying for a Story telling skill challenge based in diplomacy. With as much flourish as possible Darve tells a grand story involving maidens, heroics, and pigmy dances. The multiple levels and deeper meanings of the satirical tale are lost on the poo-slingers and as his riveting story draws to a close it is met with a thunderous round of silence with only one distant cricket chirping…failure…sigh. Tough crowd, should have stuck with limericks or Larry the Cable guy jokes.

Next was a test of combat, the Gorilla King against a buffed and hasted and magicked Darve. He soundly defeated the King in about 12 seconds and there was much rejoicing…amongst the party a lone poo ball hit Darve in the back of the head in protest.

This was followed by the feats of strength. The King snatched up a bundle of 6 human femurs and with a mighty bellow he snapped them like so many match sticks. “Now, you do!”

With all available buffs poured into Darve along with a quickly summoned Nyles who promptly slapped Darve on the arse for luck, he gripped the bundle of femurs in both mighty hands and with a determined glare on his face he gave it all he had, but with only two femurs bending and cracking the test was a failure.

The party was unceremoniously escorted from the camp with the Gorilla King laughing and whooping and repeating, “Be gone by sun up or face my wrath and the wrath of my worthy army! Uphold your end of the bargain! Saventh Yhi is mine and all the treasure it holds will be mine forever more! Be gone you hairless, pinkskins!”

Fade to black.

Sorry, as per the module, XP only given on success. Therefore, another Goose-egg.

The position of the entrance marked in the map room for the final vault is unfortunately located within spitting distance of the Gorilla King’s camp. You will need to find some way to get into the vault and/or protect the more innocent occupants of Saventh Yhi from becoming slaves or victims to the advancing gorilla army.

With the emissary from the Sagavan government reinforcements of 50 soldiers and ample supplies have arrived with promises of more to arrive soon. Unfortunately, the approach route for people entering Saventh Yhi is right through the Gorilla camp and with all the scouts and assumed spies around it would most likely end with a blood bath for people walking into ambushes. Even now, Derhii scouts can be seen circling in the skies over the residential district.

You guess the number of Ruthazek’s army to be somewhere around 200+/- strong.

Hopefully, you guys can come up with a plan before we meet next time. We might be able to do it online via email depending on what you decide to do. There is one more vault and depending on how quickly/slowly that goes I will have one more session before JohnS takes over (yeah!)

Oh, btw, a note delivered by the Sargavan emissary was hand delivered to Darve with PaoPao’s wax seal stating that his demands in the Tien civil wars preclude him from returning but he is sending one of his most trusted soldiers to join you and hopes you receive him as you would have PaoPao himself. You will recognize him by his diminutive size, blue skin, pink hair, and his floppy white hat and battle axe. Although short in stature he is not lacking in piss and vinegar and gold (he comes bearing a token of PaoPao’s appreciation—and illicit drug trade gains—to the tune of 10,000gp to add to the party’s coffers.)

A weepy vampire variant and Juliver gets swallowed whole

After spending the night in the voodoo cult leader’s tomb room and after Seralya’s forth-telling dream, the group ventures back into the remaining burial niche ridden chambers of the Vault of Silence.

Halfway through the second chamber, Juliver steps on a pressure switch that activates swinging razor-sharp pendulums from the ceiling and a fusillade of darts that would have hit all members of the party—if she hadn’t been the only one in the room. Perhaps her situational awareness wasn’t that good, but her skills at disarming the trap were stellar resulting in only one round of darts and razors.

Unfortunately, this alerted a quite nasty roguish terkow vampire that was reclining in the next chamber. This vampire, a Gbala by name, is skinless and continually weeping blood from his flayed body—always seeking a new skin to wear. He slips over to the adjacent hall and awakens his previous victims, now his slaves, known as Rawbones—[Box Text! BT]: “…two rawbones, undead victims of the terkow who were slain, skinned, and transformed into servitor spawn. The rawbones resemble freshly skinned corpses with flesh and muscle still clinging to their bones, dripping gore clotted with black mold. Their entrails and organs pulse obscenely within and below their rib cages. A DC 20 Heal check identifies the rawbones as once having been a human and a half-orc, respectively, while a DC 15 Knowledge (local) check recognizes the human as a member of the Red Mantis expedition and the half-orc as a member of the Free Captains expedition”—and commands them to slink around in an attempt to flank the party while he stealths over and tries to back stab and grab somebody.

[BT]: “The sarcophagi contain burials from ancient Saventh-Yhi, and as such, their occupants have long since turned to dust over the past 10,000 years. However, the smashed sarcophagus in the middle is about half full of fresh, clotting blood. Removing the lids of any of the sarcophagi requires a DC 20 Strength check.

Creature: An outcast from the Mwangi coast currently inhabits this chamber—a Bonuwat rogue named Gbala. He is a terkow—a peculiarly Garundi form of vampire. Gbala has had all of the skin stripped from his body, revealing the musculature and skeletal structure underneath. His body, which he normally covers with skin stolen from his victims, constantly weeps blood. Other than the two rawbones in area E7 (whose skins have a l ready rotted away), Gbala has not claimed many victims in Saventh-Yhi, and he is currently without a skin. He views the arrival of the PCs as an opportunity to acquire new skins to wear. If he has not already been alerted and encountered, Gbala reclines in the blood-filled sarcophagus that is his bed, the clotted gore somewhat alleviating the discomfort of his constantly bleeding body.”

The rawbones were spotted and battle ensued, with each rawbones vomiting gore and filth 3x/day hitting all within 20 ft with 6d6 plus funk and nausea (yum!) A spiked pit dropped one only to have it lasso its way out with its 10’ intestine lasher/grabber. The witch got sickened by its funk and Roderick got backstabbed and grabbed with Gbala trying to take him back for blood drain, level drains, and skin flaying but got dropped before that could occur. From the putrid clotting menses in the middle sarcophagus, the following treasure was found:

Bracers of armor +4
Boots of speed
Ring of improved jumping
Ring of protection +2
+2 Mithrial Chain Shirt
+2 Battleaxe
9 Blue Crystals with the Azlanti rune of Fertility

Gbala XP: 20,400 20,400/4 = 5,100/player
Rawbones XP: 4,800×2 9,600/4 = 2,400/player

On the way back towards the residential district, the party is once again set upon by 4 winged Derhi Scouts who chucked javelins and thrummed the air. Two were dropped, one fled, and Seralya dropped one out of the air like a stone with a sleep spell. After a brutish tussle, Hal pinned and Rodrick trussed the beast. An interrogation followed whereby Juliver charmed the scout and some information was gathered.

It appears the winged apes that have been watching them and swooping down to attack were sent by the mighty Gorilla King, Ruthazek, ruler of Usaro, to test and see if the rumors were true that these adventurers were the mightiest and most worthy in the region.

Juliver made some threats, the Derhii scoffed at the little ‘pinkskins’ and ‘hairless apes’, but did promise to take a message back to the King. The air began to hum with deep shaking bass tones as the bound gorilla creature vocalized.

Rodrick began to argue for taking the Derhii’s left hand and releasing it, while the stalwart knight, Darve argued for simple release without evil maiming. Seralya had had enough and turned the ape into a pink parrot and with a dismissive wave told the ape to, "Have fun reporting back to your King.”

Loot from the two dead Derhii Scouts:

+1 Falchion x2 12 normal javelins a handful of nice Derhii feathers.

XP: 2,400×2 4,800/4 = 1,200/player
XP: Capturing and interrogating one and letting it go mostly intact 8,000/4 = 2,000/player

The group then rested up in the residential district. An emissary from Nyles, now known in the region as the Most Worshipful Master Nyles, reported that his duties at the temple and abroad would preclude him from returning to the group. He also reported that Nyles had promised to pray for the group and felt that a worthy member would soon be found to take his place. Seralya confirmed that she too had seen a vision of someone new from the East. And there was much rejoicing.

Another bubble boy helmet was constructed, items were purchased, and the party made ready for a push into the final two vaults seen on their map.

The next logical choice came to be known as the Verdent Refuge—well, maybe for some, but not for Julvier.

Pressing in through the comparatively low passageway that turned out to be cut into the rock by a dwarven explorer named Eggra Kraggorach. [BT]: “This vault has partially caved in and was sealed off after the cataclysm of Earthfall. A natural spring within, however, allowed various forms of fungus and mold—including the midnight spores—to propagate uninhibitedly. More recently, a local earthquake reopened the vault, exposing it to the outside for the first time in centuries.

This situation reigned within the vault for millennia until a dwarf explorer named Eggra Kraggorach discovered the vault some 85 years ago. Somewhat eccentric, Kraggorach was completelyuninterested in the ruins of Saventh-Yhi, convinced that a larger, older city lay buried beneath the Azlanti city.

A tunnel has been dug into the side of the jungle-choked cliff here. Though the surrounding area has become overgrown and the opening is partially obscured by vines and creepers, rough steps can still be seen chiseled into the descending tunnel.

Eggra Kraggorach dug this entrance to the vault 85 years ago. While there is now no trace of her original delving other than the tunnel itself, a DC 20 Perception check finds two large, partially intact quadruped skeletons among the many creepers and vines nearby. A DC 15 Knowledge (nature) check identifies them as camels.

The delving opens on a stone-walled chamber built as a hexagon, with wide tunnels exiting to the north and south. The floor is covered in drifts of dried plant matter. Stacked near one wall are three old wooden crates, their wooden planks riddled by worms and dry rot.
Kraggorach made her initial camp here as she cut back the rampant fungal growth that had overtaken the room. Since then, the fungus in this chamber has largely died off, as exposure to the outside air has broken its fragile ecosystem. The crates are marked with Dwarven runes identifying them as the property of Eggra Kraggorach.

A DC 30 Knowledge (history or local) check recognizes the name as that of an infamous dwarven explorer who disappeared in 4625 ar (dwarves gain a +5 bonus on this check). Kraggorach was notorious not only for her crackpot theories about an ancient city buried beneath the Mwangi Expanse, but also for her ill-fated solo expedition into the Mwangi jungle. The crates themselves hold only the rotten, useless remains of mundane supplies and foodstuffs.

Creatures: This chamber is now inhabited by a pride of thorny cave lions, large feline plant creatures composed of wood, leaves, and thorns, originally bred by the vegepygmies in the residential district above. The thorny lions are resting here when the PCs first enter the vault. They attack any intruders who enter their den.”

Being made of vegetable matter in a very verdant area, even resting they blend in which resulted in the rather comical non-detection by both parties as Juliver snaked about. They were eventually detected and defeated but not before sticking pretty much everyone with annoying thorns.

Loot: Butkis
XP: 2,400×4 9,600 = 2,400/player

Pressing on, the group encountered 6 bad acid trip inducing Basidronds which if it hadn’t of been for the magic helmets would have resulted in a very different battle.
They attacked and tried to avoid ice spears rocketing up from the floor, but got slowed, made Juliver think she was suffocating and fighting swarms of spiders before getting, of course, blowed up gooder!

Loot: Nutin’ (of course)
XP: 1,600×6 9,600/4 = 2,400/player

Pressing on deeper into the caverns they come across huge ass midnight spores and giant (actually medium sized but damn big for carnivorous grasshoppers) partially vegetative deathcap jumpers. They were beat down but not before inflicting some damage.

2,400×8 19,200/4 = 4,800/player

Thank goodness for the magic helmets, no madness this night—for if they weeren’t wearing them things surely would have been different. The GM asked if anyone took a bite of the nasty black flakes that were laying about, but no one stepped up.

Pressing on.

In the final chamber of this swampy humid putrid vault was [BT]: “This chamber gives off an overpowering reek of compost and decay. Steps descend into what was once perhaps a pool or bath, but is now a pond of strangely mottled organic sludge. Rising from the center of the mass is a tree-like growth with a trunk of cracked, warty gray bark and a splay of knotty, withered branches.”

The module had a picture that said it looked like this:


But, to me that didn’t match the description so I modified a picture to look like this:


It was considered a huge vermin or advanced variant great sea anemone with blindsight, a 15’ reach, and like everything else in this jungle, prone to regurgitation for 12d6. The party valiantly moved into fighting position and began beating on the beast, where upon they were puked on for acid damage and Juliver was grabbed and stuffed, as a free action, into its gnashing maw and swallowed whole doing an additional 2d6+12 dam (and I forgot to add another 6d8 dam for acid damage in its gullet).

Blown out the bottom with poison and mashed to bits, Juliver’s insanity died along with her.

Some say Rodrick had a tear in his eye, but the barely suppressed smirk makes it much more likely it was either tears of gladness or tears from suppressing a rather joyous laugh.

Hal was then grappled and transferred into the beast’s mouth, but alas, it had bitten off more then it could chew this time and Hal soon burst forth, a large beast bursting out of a huge beast, and amidst a shower and deluge of putrescence and sludge—and Julvier’s broken body—calm fell over the echoing chamber.

Hal, ever game to dive into septic tanks, slooped around in the nasty kiddy pool revealing [BT]: “Treasure: The skeletal remains of Eggra Kraggorach lie at the bottom of the pool, where she was slain by the elder polyp, but the polyp must be destroyed to get at them. Her treasures include a +2 dwarven waraxe, a stone of good luck, a bejeweled breastplate (now little more than a rusted frame inset with nine emeralds in star pattern, worth 300 gp each), and a masterwork stone hammerhead (its haft long rotted away) that bears the image of a bearded dwarven face.

This hammer was one of the treasures of the Kraggorach clan (a DC 15 Knowledge [history] or [nobility] check reveals this fact). The hammerhead would be worth 1,500 gp to a collector of antiquities, or twice that to the Kraggorach dwarves of the Shattered Range (provided they are told of the fate of Eggra so they do not assume the PCs are thieves). In addition, a DC 30 Perception check finds a single blue crystal inscribed with the Azlanti rune of rest embedded in the scum at the bottom of the pool.”

Loot: +2 Dwarven waraxe
Stone of Good Luck
Bejeweled breastplate (2,700gp worth of emeralds)
MW Stone hammerhead once belonging to Eggra Kraggorach
One blue crystal inscribed with the Azlanti Rune of Rest

XP: 20,400/4 = 5,100/player

Sir Darve wishes to properly bury Juliver and upon recovering her broken body he discovers that she was in fact wearing a modified elven cloak with a handy haversack cleverly woven into it. (Cloak of Elvenkind +5 competence bonus on stealth with Handy haversack incorporated into it—with two small pouches, one on the inside left and one on the right hand side, and one larger pouch hidden on the inside back of the cloak.) Also recovered were:

Boot of striding and springing
Ring of improved jumping
Ring of protection +2
10760gp (dang, hippy thief!!!)
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Darkvision
Potion of Endure Elements x2
Dust of tracklessness

Seralya and Darve discussed what to do and it was decided to properly bury her mangled parts but that resurrection was not feasible at this time. Rodrick muttered something but nobody quite caught what he said. Seralya was quite confident in her vision that a worthy replacement was on the way.

Total XP/player for the session: 25,400/player

Snake peoples, winged apes, damn quick zombie tigers, and an epiphany.

VOM Vault of Silence

Making your way through a dense jungle with four tree born apes giving you the stink eye can, at times, be a little creepy. But, for a creepy-ass witch, it’s nothing.

Although she spots the soon to be revealed flying apes, Seralya and the group presses on to the residential district in Saventh-Yhi for some rest and restocking. Rodrick whips together another magic helmet/rebreather as Seralya stops by the new Bobmart and picks up some scrolls (or a scroll), while Juliver hits the newly opened tavern. Juliver hears talk and sees evidence of more people flooding into the Saveth-Yhi. The secret is now out and thanks primarily to the group’s efforts it is astronomically safer to enter the ancient city now that many threats have been put down. Its a land rush!

But with the influx come rumors of winged apes and an increase of charua-ka activity in surrounding jungles.

Darve runs into Nyles near the spire in the residential district and comes to learn that Nyles has been devoting his time and efforts towards establishing a new temple to his deity and he unfortunately will have less time for adventuring until the gathering worshipers have been properly trained and cared for, but if his services are ever needed he will be around and glad to help his friends.

Consulting the detailed records of the mural room’s details, the group presses on towards the next vault which will be known as the Vault of Silence.

Approaching the entrance to the vault, Seralya spots 2 large sunning pythons near the entrance, but as she and the others approach something seems ‘off’ about the large slothful pythons. But first, some boxed text: “A series of natural terraces form the side of this hill. Once, this may have been a tended garden, and flowering vines grow thickly over the walls of the resulting grotto, filling the air with a thick and heady scent. At the back of the grotto, a carved stone bench provides a place of respite in the shade next to a stone door leading into the hillside. A feeling of peace pervades this small grotto, minimizing the sounds of the surrounding ruins with an aura of tranquil silence.”


The sunning pythons, along with 2 more (total 4) are soon revealed to be ‘disguised’ Evolved Serpentfolk Seekers, similar to the one that Darve had spoken to in an earlier adventure.


Battle ensues and although they attempted to dominate Darve they were quickly bagged and tagged. With one becoming encased in Seralyan ice and dropped to 4 or so hp. Juliver, as per her norm, pilfered and the rest of the group found 220gpx3 and a collection of unrecognizable coins on each body (except the one closest to Juliver) along with 30 darts and 9 doses of deathblade poison, as well as, 4 +1 Shotels (curved sword deals).

Taking the time to talk to the serpentfolk in undercommon, Juliver finds out (and believes) that the serpentfolk seekers were sent here to find Juliver by her friend Eando Kline and bring her back to him—if only she would heal the serpent seeker and release it. Growing uncomfortable with the babbling back and forth between Juliver and their prisoner, Seralya castes detect thoughts and begins a proper interrogation revealing that the Serpent seekers were actually sent here, under orders by their commander, an evil serpentfolk cleric named Vyr-Azul, to capture Juliver and bring her back to the underdark city, Ilmurea. If it was not possible to bring her back, then her death would suffice. The prisoner also related that there were 6 seekers originally, but two died at the hands/claws/jaws of the jungle creatures as they searched for Juliver. Seizing the opportunity, Seralya switches her gaze to Juliver and starts a brief interrogation, discovering, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how she has come upon such wealth and what the hell exactly she has been up to lately.

Pressing on deeper into the vault, Juliver rogued in and tried to open a sarcophagus (rolled a 3 on a required 28 strength check) but only succeeded in hurting her wrist and peeing a little from the exertion. Hal and the gang then hefted the lid to the side (without stated readied actions) and Beta Spectres, who apparently give saves every hit (whoops—in favor of the group), swarmed and drain some levels. An Azlanti +1 Monstrous Humanoid (Serpentfolk) Bane Returning Trident decorated with golden serpents is found in the sarcophagus (which belonged to a veteran of the original attack on Ilumurea).

Juliver, being the selfish little twat that she is, starts arguing for returning to Saventh-Yhi to regain lost levels and after some discussion the group presses on. Juliver rogues forward with a magic helmet and finds a secret door to one side. After telling the group, she inspects it carefully for traps and then slips through the doorway only to step on a Symbol of Weakness landmine that strikes all within 60’ knocking members with 9 or so strength damage, resulting in Juliver being barely able to lift her head or anything else over 5 pounds.

Luckily for her nothing was waiting there to pounce and Darve came forward to drag her to safety. The group then decides to head back and heal up again.

Very soon after leaving the grotto opening, they are set upon by javelin chucking winged apes and with the party depleted, Rodrick blinks back to town, while Darve and the floppy Juliver endure two charge attacks before being able to haul ass back to town. Before blinking out and charging off, the air around the party vibrates with an almost overwhelming thrumming that seems to be emanating from the apes themselves.


Healed up and on guard, the party heads back into the vault. Ahead of them is more boxed text: “A long chamber extends to an exit at the far end of the room. The walls and floor are lined with burial niches, empty of any occupants.”

And to the right after taking the secret passage, more boxed text: “Burial niches still holding the remnants of old bones line the walls of this room, and similar grooves line the floor in a haphazard pattern, though these appear to have been emptied of their burial contents. In between the niches, the walls are painted black and decorated with wild, fetishistic motifs of snakes, spiders, and the walking dead. Burnt-out candles stand in the niches in pools of their own hardened blood-red wax.

At the far end of the room stands a crude altar constructed of broken stones taken from the ruins outside. It surface likewise harbors the melted remnants of ancient candles.”

As Juliver steps into the room, three fast dire tiger zombies pounce.
The cats almost kill Darve, his horse, and Juliver, but Seralya’s hexes and dark magics save the day with rerolls in combo with Rodricks spiked pits and all that Halishness. The group gets by by the hair on their chiny chin chins. With Rodrick stepping up and firing a killing blow with his pea-shooter of a cross bow. “That one counts as mine!”

Juliver, the twat, slips out from under the dire tiger carcass, invisibly, and stealths up to the altar and open sarcophagus (at 15hp) which looks something like this: “This domed cistern chamber contains a single open sarcophagus lying on the floor. Its lid has been pushed aside, revealing a shriveled body lying within.”

A glitter of gold catches Juliver’s eye and like a moth to the flame she presses forward, the riches just laying there for the taking, begging to be taken. With trembling but crafty hands she snatches the dagger from the dead man’s clutches expecting all hell to break lose, but alas it just a shriveled up dead dude with a pretty gold necklace (worth 220gp) and a +1 Bone dagger of wounding. Juliver palms the dagger successfully, but Seralya hovering at the ceiling, sees her pocketing the necklace—busted!

Gliding forward, Seralya castes misfortune(? I think) followed by a spell which successfully produced a profound epiphany in Juliver—“Maybe being a twat isn’t my destiny!” She presents the items she just palmed to the group before inexplicably declaring, “I’m going to put this necklace on!” followed by the clicking of the lovely necklace being snapped into place around her neck.

The group wisely decides to hunker down for the night in the octagonal room as Rodrick summons sentries and the rest try to rest up and prepare for whatever comes next.

XP: Serpent Seekers 3,200xp x4 = 12,800/4 = 3,200/player
Beta Spectres 3,200xp x4 = 12,800/4 = 3,200/player
Dire Tiger Fast Zombies 2,400xp x3 = 7,200/4 = 1,800/player
Role-playing/Story XP 4,000xp/4 = 1,000/player

Total for the night: 9,200/player

2014-05-02 PF: Into the Impenetrable Redoubt of Khalid-Shah

A correction to a previous post: the activated spire in the residential district results in double healing and full rest bonuses after only 2 hours, not four as I stated in error in previous post.

Also, thanks to JohnS for bringing up the accounting error with xp/advancement.

Once a character dings 10th level, your baseline magically becomes 105,000 (instead of 71,000) and, again, if my math is right, you should each have 32,395xp/player for the three sessions I have run prior to tonight. 1st session: 11,520xp/player, 2nd session: 13,800xp/player, and 3rd session: 7,075/player. I don’t know who wasn’t there for what sessions, besides JonH, so you’ll have to correct for any missed sessions.

The total xp/person for tonight is: 18,400xp/player. This brings the total, if you have been at all the sessions I have run to: 50,795/player.

To ding 11th level you need to hit 155,000. Therefore, if you haven’t missed any sessions, then you should now have a total of 155,795xp. Congrats! You’re now, 11th level! Level up and get ready to kick some more ass!

After resting in the residential district to heal up, power up, and gear up, the party headed to the next closest vault which turns out to be one under the government district. You find a tiny etched label across the entrance to the vault on the way out that says, “The Impenetrable Redoubt of Khalid-Shah”. Indeed.

Entering into the 3rd vault: “An opening gapes in the side of this rocky islet. The face of the cliff is crumbling, and any door or gate that may have once guarded the entrance is long gone.

What must have once been a sizable entrance chamber has seen better days. A portion of the southern wall and ceiling have collapsed, revealing the sky above. The rays of sunlight streaming in through this collapse illuminate an old rockslide overgrown with leafy green vines next to a pool of murky rainwater. In an alcove to the north, a darkened passage leads deeper into the hillside.”

This boxed text is quickly followed by the raspy, dragging sound of a 9,000 pound Giant (Huge) Flytrap with 8 ‘heads’.
Seralya’s eagle eyes tag its DC 26 stealth and battle ensues. Hal is hal and does plenty o damage, while Darvan does a mighty charge and hit before being grappled and plucked by one flytrap from his horse—in spite of the evil eye from Seralya. But alas, the creature was felled one round later resulting in Darvan being unceremoniously dumped on the ground with a solid clank.

Juliver then hails the party by the entrance to the descending stairway whilst standing next to what appears to be a freshly dug hole about the size of a human torso one foot deep. “I think there is something this way!” Seralya quickly gathers up the ‘incidental’ treasure the giant flytrap had which included two desiccated hummingbirds and what looks like an amorphous blob of matted hair. All told, worth about 2 copper pieces to the right person.

“The stairs descend into a morass of sticky mud. A hallway stretches into darkness, with recessed alcoves opening along its length on either side. The mud is thick and black, and continually drips from oozing cracks in the walls and ceiling.”

Charging headlong and foolishly down into the mucky hallway, Juliver quickly falls victim to the daggum midnight spores again that have tinted the mud black, and going further, she falls prey to a spore-induced hallucination that causes her to dive headlong into the nearest alcove which turns out to be quicksand-like mud. She treads mud for a while while Rodrick throws the occasional rock at her.

Seralya, while flying, gets splattered by some mud oozing through the cracks in the ceiling and falls victim to the hallucination as well, which looks something like this:

“In addition, any character already suffering from paranoia before entering this area must make at least a DC 22 Will saving throw—this is a mind-affecting effect. Those who fail the save suffer a hallucination in which dripping globs of muck suddenly seem to take on a life of their own and begin crawling up out of the mud—up the stairs, up walls and up the legs of anyone standing in the murk. Soon the entire corridor appears to be boiling with tiny mud abominations emerging and seeking to climb out of the earthen soup—only the corridor’s alcoves remain clear.

Anyone experiencing this hallucination must make a DC 16 Will saving throw or gain the shaken condition and retreat into one of the alcoves to escape the pestilential beasts. Doing so, of course, exposes them to the effects of the quicksand. The hallucination lasts for 1d4+2 rounds (roll for each PC individually). This is a mind-affecting fear effect.”

This caused Seralya to drop a cold bomb on the hallway that lasted for what seemed like forever, causing the visibility to drop to zilch. Everything in the hallway is burbling and vibrating and sliding and splashing rendering tremorsense virtually worthless—both for the party and the creatures that lurk in the muck.

Hiding in the muck are 4 Advanced Ooze Mephits, which you figure later, were the henchmen of one Khalid-Shah, a male muck shaitan rogue, who considers this bubbling cesspool his fiefdom. They fire off their acid arrows, stink bombs, and nasty ass 15’ cone acidy muck vomit belching and then attempt to slam and drag people down into the muck—and fail.

Hal flies past and makes a beeline to try and get past the raging but rare jungle snow storm before running smack dab into two more advanced ooze mephits hanging out in the middle of the ceiling over Khalid’s pad. Hal continues on in an attempt to break out of the blinding storm triggering an Elder Mud elemental in the last room. So, with two advanced oozes, a very pissed off Khalid, and his pet elder mud elemental training behind him, they try to slam Hal into oblivion, only to have him blink out back to the entrance.

Here the timeline gets a little fuzzy to me, but good ol dependable Juliver tries to go down the hallway again, goes even crazier, has another bad acid trip, Hal throws another rock at her head, she ends up back in the quicksand alcove and Hal has to drag her ass back to relative safety.

Whereupon, when Juliver is dropped to the ground, Hal blocks her attempt to ‘retreat’ back to the ‘safety’ of the alcove, causing her to attack Rodrick. Hal, and I think Darve, then quickly beat her ass into unconsciousness and Hal jams her ass into the freshly dug hole (which takes all of her ass and a bit of her stomach with the legs and torso dangling awkwardly out) and cover her over a bit for a prolonged dirtnap.

Confident that Juliver will be out for quite some time, the more sane people in the group heal up and press back in (after giving what Darve so cleverly called the ‘Hal-mlech Manuever’ to clear the muck from Hal’s lungs) after the stink clouds and rare jungle snow storm fades. They drop the remaining oozes from the hallway after one gets turned into a turd popsicle.

Advancing in masse, they attempt to cross over and around Khalid’s pad and the two oozes (blinded and glittering like beautiful sparkling sludgy poos) swing blindly as Khalid materializes rogue-like behind Darvan and tries to suffocate him by forcing drippy tentacle-like mud digits up his nose, in his mouth, and down his throat.

Hal and Darve and the others pound away at Khalid until, at 6 hp, he has to retreat to the bottom of his 50’ pit, put up a stone wall (false bottom to the pit) and try to rest up, heal up, and then whoop some mere mortal ass, but…Seralya detects his thoughts and presence down there somewhere, resulting in Rodrick sending some earth elementals down there to slowly but surely pound Khalid into oblivion. The earth elemental gathers up the stuff from what the module calls Khalid’s ‘personal hujurat (apartment)’.

A little flavor FYI: “The floor of this chamber is covered in a foot of mud (treat as a shallow bog), except for the center, where an ancient cistern—now filled with mud—drops to a depth of 50 feet (designated by a dotted line). It is impossible to detect this drop-off without probing ahead in the mud.

Anyone who steps into it is affected as if by quicksand (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 427).
Creatures: The mud-filled cistern actually serves as the personal hujurat (apartment) of Khalid-Shah, a shaitan who angered a powerful pasha of his kind and was cursed with the consistency of mud. He was banished to the Material Plane in his humiliating state and has remained ever since, burning with a passionate hate for all save his mephit servants, but most especially for other genies and their allies.

Khalid-Shah looks superficially like a normal shaitan, but his skin, rather than having the finish of polished stone, has the viscous appearance of mud, and drips nauseating muck wherever he goes. He generally spends his time brooding at the bottom of the pit and does not bother to come forth unless anyone dares enter his domain. Khalid-Shah is accompanied by two advanced ooze mephits who lurk in the shadows near the top of the room’s dome and use their breath weapons and acid arrows to harass foes.

Khalid-Shah is unaffected by the quicksand-like conditions within the pit and is able to sense creatures through the muck thanks to his tremorsense. For everyone else, it is impossible to see below the surface, and they must fight blind while within it.”

Here the good stuff from his apartment: "A skeleton lies preserved in the muck at the bottom of the pit—the 10,000-year-old remains of Urschlar Vohkavi, (identifiable by the unique brooch he bears from the House of Vohkavi and the bronze medallion he still clutches, an ancient holy symbol of Pharasma worth 2,000 gp to a collector) who fell victim to one of his own traps as he tried to reach the Argental Font in the next chamber.
Also hidden in the sludge are Khalid-Shah’s collected treasures, which can be found by anyone who actually descends to the bottom of the pit. These treasures consist of assorted gems and jewels worth a total of 3,500 gp, and a beautifully crafted, life-sized human skull composed entirely of crystal (4,000 gp).

In addition, Khalid-Shah wears a necklace of eight blue crystals. Closer inspection reveals the Azlanti rune of honest pride inscribed on each crystal.”

Moving on to the final chamber, that you’re aware of, the party, minus Juliver who is still cooling her arse in a dirt hole outside—while getting humped by monkeys—battles a surprisingly ent-like Elder Mud elemental.
Finally, through a combo of witch curses, spells, and hexes, and Rodrick’s earth elementals slow but steady pounding, victory is obtained.

And there was much rejoicing.

The earth elemental pounds on the fountain for a few seconds to no avail until called off/dismissed. The tinkling fountain glows ‘hella-good’ with detect magic and the dancing feys inscribed on it finally tempt the witch into trying some of the water.

>BING< the effects of the midnight spores are instantly gone along with: “This beautifully carved stone fountain is decorated with figures of dancing fey creatures and holds pure, shimmering water that glows with silvery light. The moon-goddess Acavna gave the Argental Font to the city of Saventh-Yhi at its founding as a gift in gratitude for the heroine Savith’s valor. Anyone drinking from the fountain enjoys the combined benefits of greater restoration and heal, and is immediately cured of all afflictions, including ability damage or drain, negative levels, and insanities.

The waters cannot return the dead to life, though an undead creature immersed in the fountain is immediately destroyed (no save). The fountain never runs dry, no matter how many times it is used or how much water is taken from it, but the water retains its potency for only 1 round after being removed from the fountain, becoming normal water thereafter.
An individual creature can only benefit from the effects of the Argental Font once per year.” Okay, thrice/year—you guys each got one use left. (Nyles and anyone else only get one/year.)

You then go and drag Juliver back, forcefully baptize her in the fountain after clearing the muck and debris from the fountain so that it begins to function normally again (without continued flooding of the vault.) You then go back down the hallway to discover that it counts as another exposure—damnit—then go back to the fountain and teleport the hell out of here with sound mind and body.

Making your way back to the residential district, Seralya once again spots some gorilla heads (4) in the canopy—again about 100’ away and behind her silently watching the party.

We’ll pick up here next time.

Treasure from tonight:
Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 from Khalid—Rodrick took this for Hal, Rodrick moves to the bottom of list.
Necklace of Blue Azlanti Rune Crystals
Skeleton of Urschlar Vohkavi worth about 10,000gp to the right twisted collector
Bronze Holy Symbol of Pharasma worth 2,000gp to the right collector.
Assorted gems and jewels worth 3,500gp.
Beautifully crafted, life-sized human skull composed entirely of crystal worth 4,000gp.

Xp for tonight:
Giant Flytrap = 13,600xp
6 Advanced Ooze Mephits = 6x(2,400) = 14,400xp
Khalid-Shah = 12,800xp
Elder Mud Elemental = 12,800xp
Finding the Argental Font = 20,000xp

Grand Total = 73,600xp/4 = 18,400xp/player for tonight

Huge Slug, boogery walls, and Poo water vs Magic Helmet

VOM 2014-04-17 Finishing the First Vault (1) and the Flooded Vault (2)

Standing in the humid caved-in region in the first vault you have re-discovered after following Juliver’s tracks a welcomed gentle breeze flows down into the spore-filled rubble. This breezes allows cooler heads to prevail and Seralya listens to her familiar and doesn’t turn Juliver back into a newt—for now.

Juliver shares the findings from the ancient black book she recovered from Urschlar’s lab. In it is recapped, with slightly more detail, the dreams that Seralya shared with the group several moons ago. The group now knows that there is an ‘Argental Font’ which supposedly cures the effects of the midnight spores. Its location remains unknown but it is supposedly hidden in one of the vaults.

Following a brief meeting of the mostly paranoid minds, Juliver’s tracks are again followed through a rough hewn tunnel into a more spacious and well-masoned hallway 10’ wide and 30’ tall. A double door on one side with a statue opposite it was breached resulting in the stone golem statue animating and attacking. It got a few punches in before plummeting into one of Rodrick’s patented spiked pits, but not before slowing Seralya.

Eventually, Rodrick cancels the pit and Hal and Darve smash the golem to bits.

XP: 13,500xp 13,500/4 = 3,375/player

During the encounter, Juliver sweeps the room where her tracks, mixed with Serpentfolk tracks, show signs of clear battle and struggle. Upon spying the shattered remnants of blue crystals on the floor and in the 6 sockets on the east wall, Juliver remembers that she shattered the crystals after fleeing the serpentfolk in an attempt to stop them from following her through the portal. After that her mind, such as it is, was blanked by the feeblemind spell.

Here is the boxed text from the module which I shared:

This vast chamber possesses but a shadow of its former glory. The walls are of close-fitted masonry with strange, almost glowing blue crystalline veins running through it and across the ceiling and floor. In the center are massive stone feet where a gigantic statue once crouched, but the rest now lies in a pile of broken rubble after some ancient catastrophe—the statue’s stone hands still cling to the ceiling, which the statue once supported on its upraised palms. On each of the far walls is a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mural depicting a jungle scene, a cityscape, and an elaborate room, respectively.

Here is some more module text in case it wasn’t clear:

The room with the broken statue is the room Juliver found herself in when she stepped through the portal from Ilmurea. Unfortunately for Juliver, it’s also where some undead serpentfolk lay in wait. Juliver’s arrival and destruction of the portal’s focusing crystals awoke a serpentfolk necromancer from his slumber. During their confrontation, feeblemind was caste on Juliver, but the Pathfinder managed to escape to the surface. The room does not appear to have received any new visitors since.

The strangely veined rock is of an unknown substance, but a DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) or Spellcraft check can determine that it is highly conductive to magical energy…

The fallen statue was not actually load-bearing, so the room’s 30-foot-high ceiling is in no danger of collapse. The mural on the west wall depicts a scenic jungle valley with waterfalls pouring into a central lake with an island. A DC 20 Knowledge (geography) check reveals…(butkis in this case, rolled too low).

The south wall shows a beautiful jungle city around a lake, with seven magnificent spires marking its skyline. This is obviously Saventh-Yhi before its destruction. The mural is highly detailed, and if the PCs think to study it to identify the locations of the six other vaults, they can find the entrance to each one marked on the mural with a DC 15 Perception check. With this information, they can find the actual vault entrances in the city above with only 1d2 hours per vault of searching in the proper area.

The final mural on the east wall depicts this room as seen from the west wall looking east. The statue in the center of the room is still in one piece in this mural. Anyone making a DC 15 Perception check can notice several tiny shards of broken crystal on the floor in front of the mural. These are the remains of the focusing crystals that Juliver broke when she escaped through the portal, thus deactivating it.

A DC 23 Perception check notes that the image of the eastern wall depicted in the mural includes an image of the mural, and this mural within a mural is actually a door surrounded by a stone border with six empty holes for the now-broken focusing crystals. Examining the edge of the actual mural reveals a stone border with Azlanti runes in place of the holes on the image-border, plus an additional Azlanti rune which appears in both murals’ borders. These runes are recognizable as the seven Azlanti virtues of rule, which also correspond to Saventh-Yhi’s spears—abundance,eager striving, fertility, honest pride, rest, righteous anger, and wealth.

After trying several different ways of activating the portal, the group decides to exit the way they came and move on to the vault nearest to the temple district. Upon exiting the room, a giant slug sprayed acid all over Darve, Juliver, and Hal doing some damage.
Juliver did some fancy Jackie Chan moves and leapt over the putrid slug into the boogery-slimed hallway in better position to backstab next round. Hal then leapfrogged over Darve and his mount, and furiously slashed and pierced the huge slug dropping it to one slug knee (?) with Juliver finishing it off shortly thereafter with a particularly vicious and deadly backstab.

XP: 5,200xp 5,200/4 = 1,300/player

Moving back out of the vault the way they came in the group makes their way into the sunshine and fresh air east of the residential district. The group uneventfully meets back up with Nyles in the residential district. He had been sampling some unusual weeds from the area that left him giddy and joyful, while at the same time dry-mouthed, forgetful, and hungrier than normal—but his art seemed to be some of his best work to date.

They then find a place to rest up and heal. Recall that with the spire activated here resting 4 hours leads to total healing (minus, of course, the paranoia effects which remain in place for those affected.) During this time, Rodrick makes a magic bubble boy helmet rebreather to try and avoid the spores.

Moving on to the vault entrance seen on the mural map nearest the temple district, after one hour of searching the jungle underbrush, the team finds the sinkhole entrance—precisely as drawn on the mural.

It is a muckish hole that smells like the earth’s bung hole, but Juliver sticks her head in anyway and sees a domed room half filled with water with a bobbing bloated body floating and lolling against one side. She easily ninjas down after telling the others to quietly come on. Juliver barely makes it to the sandbar nearest the bloated body when Rodrick epically fails (a la PaoPao) and tumbles headfirst, compelte with Wilhelm scream, into the brackish nastiness—only the magic helmet keeps him from taking a mouthful of rotting flesh filled spore infested water. A brief moment later, the water roils around him as a group of megapiranha swarm him and begin nibbling on his privates. Juliver tries to throw a rope to Roderick but fails.
Seralya flying over the hole then successfully drops a rope down to Rodrick who is able to just cling to the rope as he is lifted to safety. All hail, Seralya.

Juliver presses on ahead foolhardily and her nipples tingle as three buried large nisps try repeatedly to hold person, slow, and cause confusion in all that come within their chamber.
With their +26 to hide rolls they would have been difficult to spot without tremor sense, but Hal’s arrival spelled their doom. But, not before finally getting a hold person spell to stick on Juliver in the water causing her to slip slowly under the nasty water. Another spiked pit drains the chamber down to a fetid stench filled muck and all are saved while all monsters are vanquished.

XP: 4,800/nisp x 2 (one fled) = 9,600 9,600/4 = 2,400/player

Quickly, before the spiked pits belch out piranha swarms and spore water, Seralya spies several treasures sticking out of the muck around the edge of the pit (and right before Juliver does—which is a good thing.)

These items include:

A few bones as well as a crude gold amulet (worth 100 gp) and a finely engraved hematite mirror (worth 75 gp) half-buried in the silt and mud.

The floor of the room slopes to the east, and has collected many treasures thrown into the cenote over
the years. These can be found with a DC 30 Perception check, and include four gold ingots (worth 75 gp each), a patinated copper statuette of an Azlanti dancer (worth 700 gp), a gold and ivory brooch in the shape of a nautilus (worth 500 gp), a pair of coral armbands (worth 250 gp each), and a Ring of protection +3 (which Seralya took.)

In addition, three blue crystals inscribed with the Azlanti rune of abundance can be found here.

Darve fed the piranha which almost caused him to lose 50xp, but some druid somewhere probably appreciates the gesture. None of the piranha swarms were killed so no xp this time.

Let me know what you think the group does next, so I can prepare before next session. I would guess you might use the residential district with its shortened heal time and magic components that Rodrick uses for making more magic helmets, but let me know if you guys have anything else planned instead.

Snipers, Paranoia.

Picking up where we left off last time:
In what turns out to be known as Haigan’s Camp, our intrepid adventurers pushed further east towards where they last heard humanoid cries. Progressing carefully resulted in Seralya spotting a moving figure in the window of a semi-dilapidated building, resulting in 6 booms ringing out (and one jammed weapon which hardly made a sound at all.) Hal was struck numerous times with significant impact. I think Hal was more startled to actually be hit, then hurt by the musket balls.
Juliver then sprinted and dove through the open window with brilliant, flawless grace—only to find herself in a room with a closed chest, two girallons, and a blurred and camouflaged sniper. “Lay down your arms!” she shouted to no avail.
Although the snipers had a very high camouflage DC and were blurred, three nat 20s resulted in them being seen. Seralya dropped a stink cloud on two of them, knocking one out of commission. The other survived (temporarily) to crawl out of the stink.
Hal then charged into the arched doorway of the building Juliver had entered encountering two Girallons on 20’ chains set as guards for the building. One managed to get Hal with one claw for about 4 points of damage. Followed by Darve slamming one of the four armed gorilla beasts against the east wall killing it soundly. More shots ring out, more damage to Rodrick and company, followed shortly by a sneak attack by Haigan himself on Rodrick.
Seralya in the sky with diamonds rained death down on all comers in the form of sniper popsicles and various other magics. Closing in on a nauseated sniper left Seralya exposed and the other sniper cashed in and almost took Seralya down. But, almost doesn’t really count when you’re dealing with a pissed off witch, and she was quickly frozen into another sniper popsicle.
Darve wheeled around and struck Haigan down, and as his head struck the ground his skull split like an overripe melon and green goop was all that filled his head with little to no bone structure inside.
Rodrick had used his magics to trade places with Hal instantaneously and ended up getting grabbed by the remaining girallon inside—but this lasted about six seconds as Juliver backstabbed the last girallon to death allowing Rodrick his full freedom.
Upon dispatching this group, people were looted and a torture victim was found partially flayed with his throat cut in the building with the collapsed corner of the roof to the east. The obvious source of the cries as presumably Haigan was flaying him and then had to shut him up to silence him. You’re pretty sure his name is Haigan as his gold Aspis Consortium badge has HAIGAN engraved on it. The prisoners were freed and issued a stern warning by Rodrick that this rescue is their only freebie, after this you’re on your own! (What a warm and fuzzy guy!)
Haul from Haigan’s camp are:
Loot from Haigan:
2x Potion of Endure Element +1 Breast Plate +1 Keen Falchion 2x MW Daggers
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 Ring of Protection +1 1xGold Aspis Consortium Badge worth 70gp
1xLarge Diamond worth 1000gp
1 small parchment, 5”x4” with a glowing copy of Rodrick/Hal’s symbol magically imprinted on it.
Keys to the warchest in the room with the sniper and girallons
Keys to prisoner pens 1xThieves tools
17pp 55gp

From Aspis Sniper Team;
4 small parchment, 5”x4” with a glowing copy of Rodrick/Hal’s symbol magically imprinted on it.
3x Silver Aspis Consortium Badge worth 50gp
3x Potions of Blur
4x Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
4x Potions of Endure Elements
4x +1 Chain Shirts
4x daggers
XP from Camp: 4xSnipers 5,000xp/each 20,000
1xHaigan 6,400 6,400
2xGirallon 2,400/each 4,800
Freeing Prisoners 12,800
44,000/4 = 11,000/player
Once the gun play and magics clear from the air, Nyles walks up with a slightly stoned smile on his face and asks, “What’d I miss? I just painted the most amazing thing on the gate over there, you guys want to see?” (Sorry, Nyles you make a cameo but no xp) and he heals the group as they spend the needed rest time in the building and camp they have cleared out.
The next day the group finally follow through on helping Juliver find her lost companions. After some walking in circles they find the trial and follow it to an old stone work ‘vault’ embedded in a cliff face not far from the residential spire. Even though the foot trail leads just to the right of the front door, Seralya with laser like vision spots a camoed Kelch Hunter on watch in the dark behind the open door. After a failed slumber spell, battle ensues with our valiant war party slaying the spoos in quick order. With a particular nasty attack by a swarm of flesh eating wasps—egads! The remaining spoo tried to make a run for it, crit failed his acrobatics check to land the simple 10’ drop, and because of the greased shelf he broke his ankle and was dispatched by Juliver running a rapier or some other pointy thing through its head.
Upon entering the vault entrance, for those who failed their Will save, they are stricken immediately with paranoia that results in: “A character suffering from paranoia is convinced that the world and all that dwell within it are out to get her. Paranoid characters are typically argumentative or introverted. The individual takes a –4 penalty on Will saves and Charisma-based skill checks, cannot receive benefit from or attempt the Aid Another action, and cannot willingly accept aid (including healing) from another creature unless she makes a Will save against the insanity’s current DC (which starts at DC 17).”
“Recovering naturally from an insanity such as paranoia is a lengthy process—once per week, an afflicted character may make a Will save against the insanity’s current DC. Paranoia starts with a DC of 17, but subsequent exposures to the midnight spores can increase this DC +5 per failed exposure save. Fail twice DC is 22, fail three times the DC becomes 27, etc. If the character succeeds on this save, the insanity’s DC is reduced by a number of points equal to the character’s Charisma bonus (minimum of 1)
The character continues to suffer the full effects of the insanity until its DC is reduced to 0, at which point the character is cured and the insanity vanishes completely.”
This is from the module, but if it bogs down progression or fun then we’ll modify it, but for now this is the way it stands.
After dispatching the baddies, the group finds in the start of the hallway to the southeast the corpse of a Sabosan (man-bat looking thing) riddled with numerous black fletched arrows identical to the ones used by the Kelch hunters you just killed. The stink in the room, beyond the normal jungle fetidness, is due to this corpse, probably one day dead starting to stink in the warm, humid air. The party back tracked and followed the trail into a collapsed room where Juliver appears to have made her escape after being struck with feeble mind.
After Seralya’s keen-eyed companion discovers a secret door to the east, Juliver picks the lock and enters into a long lost chamber covered with a thick layer of black spore dust that clings to the air and makes it look like she is wading through dirty water as she makes her way into the room. She reports that she cannot find anything of value here but does discover another door on the east wall of this chamber as well. Seralya recognizes the room as the one from her dreams as Urschlar’s Lab where he started making the spores.
Darve believes he saw Juliver pocketing something of value from the rooms’ detritus, but at this point he has decided to keep this to himself due to his current state of paranoia, because he thinks everybody is out to get him and may be stealing from him too. Nobody else in the group knows or suspects Juliver at this point.
Loot from Ketch Hunters: 14 alchemist fires 7 shortbows and arrows out the wazoo
28 doses of bloodroot poison
4 gold nuggets of gold worth 80gp total
1 Uncut amethyst worth 50gp total
XP from Vault so far: 7xKetch Hunters 1,600xp/each 11,200
Total Xp for the night (if I did the math right): 13,800 per player.
This is where we will pick up next time.

Unit Cohesion

Recapping this.
I remember a lot of bickering back and forth from Roderick and Juliver, with Seralya ‘casting’ the deciding ‘vote’ via a polymorph that transformed that b into a newt (“She got better.”) I quite enjoyed this—Serayla gets an extra personal 200xp.
But wait, there was a ziggurat and a spear before that.
So, they convince, at least temporarily, Juliver to come along to get along as they ascend the last ziggurat and phallic symbol covered in what turned out to be russet mold (which would have resulted in some nasty poisoning damage if it didn’t happen to end up being between 10am and 2pm.) Oh well.
Some Vegemite pygmies decided to engage a party that highly out-leveled them (hey, it was in the module this way) and were decimated accordingly.


With a combo of black tentacles and a magic spiky pit all comers were taken out succinctly.
Nyles ambled up the ziggurat near the conclusion of the skirmish having been painting and lounging in the beautiful sunny day while communing with his deity and healing up. I think he was whistling when he arrived. If he wasn’t, he should have been—either way he was well-rested.

During the encounter, Roderick tried to get fancy with an acid splash on the vegemite mini-boss in the pit and failed as the spell wouldn’t reach that far down, but it did end up revealing that acid was needed to clear the Russet potato mold off of the giant penis monument. After Roderick got done spraying his acid juice all over the place, the spear and ziggurat were gleaming white. An impressive rock hard specimen if I do say so myself. (>Bing< Extra xp! Sweet.) Now that it is activated all party members get +2 on perception checks when in the residential district (G on map) also, sleeping two hours in area G now counts as 8 hours rest and all persons heal twice their characters hit points. Furthermore, in an attempt to activate the residential spire Seralya’s line, “I yell at my husband,” warrants a bonus xp to her of 100pts. If I could have stretched the module parameters to make that work, I would have.
Due to the significant and almost overwhelming sexual tension between the repressed and sexually frustrated Roderick and the alluring Juliver more bickering and squabbling broke out. This is when Seralya had had enough and >boink< changed Juliver into a newt and shoved her unceremoniously into a tight cage. With the newt writhing and frothing in the cage they made their way back to base camp. (Seemingly, to the narrator at least, to be breaking their word to Juliver for the first time. “We’ll go activate the tower, and then we’ll go help your friends.” Hmmm…liars.)
Upon returning to the camp, they find not a camp but a smoldering pile of ruins with all but one survivor. They stabilize, Jim the Cook, and he reports that they were attacked by the Aspis Consortium led by some weirdo with one eye. With a relatively easily trackable trail leading off into the jungle the party surges forth to rescue their mates. Some wanted to rest while others insisted on moving forward posthaste.

Level one commoner, Jim the Cook tried to stay and rest at the camp, but a 1d4 dagger was placed into his hand and he was told to buck up and step lively. Which he did—for about three minutes—whereupon he was set upon by one of two dire tigers who had been drawn to the area by the stench of spilt blood in the camp. Pounced upon, claw, claw, bite, and rake left nothing of pour Jim the Cook but a shit stain.


One dire tiger pounced at the newly restored non-newt Juliver who was weirdly enough leading the group through the jungle, but anyway, the tiger did some damage and then the beast was slain. Next, Nyles was set upon and grabbed in a superb dire tiger hug and nearly mauled to death until Darve rode his mighty steed into the fray and obliterated the remaining dire animal—not even a pelt was left intact.

More bickering between the unconfessed lovers as the group again seems to me to break their promise to Juliver. But at least this time they agree to set watch and rest and power up for what may lie ahead.
Following the trampled path they smell cooking fires before they see a camp. Seralya turns invisible and scouts the area out (maybe with her familiar, I don’t recall). Anyway, they see 4-6 guards patrolling a 20’ wall. An ambitious plan is cooked up in haste, and with the center of the plan not quite done yet and still squishy in the middle, Juliver attempts to circumvent the main approach with a stealthy approach while Hal does some type of kick dance thing with jazz hands as a distraction.
Hal’s part works, as it is certainly distracting enough to cause the wall guards to laugh and summon their buddies to come see this weird ass thing taking place down the lane. This distraction works enough to keep Juliver’s almost comical attempt to transverse the shifting sharp stones (dc 25 acrobatic check) and climb the shear wall (dc 25 climb check). She takes damage but manages not to cry out and alert the guards. All agree, especially the narrator, that PaoPao would have been useful here.
Annnnyway. Serayla once again springs into action and with her powerful magics possesses the hell out of a guard and has him open the door. Dumbass.

Hal and company teleport in, and after a surprise round all hell breaks loose. In 30 seconds or so, all are dead, and one prisoner is bound and gagged. During the process, though, a pretty cool ‘de-possession’ took place whereby the possessed body became dispossessed on the way down into a 50’ spiky pit. (Roderick and Serayla each get 100xp a piece for this moves’ coolness points.) A legionnaire, crying, ‘Parlay!’ while trying to surrender, was instead splattered soundly by the recently dispossessed plummeting body. Even Hal grimaced at that one.
Even before the body hit the bottom of the pit, Juliver was busy looting the hell out of anything not tied down.
Darve had ridden over to where the witch’s familiar had seen people imprisoned. Not all are prisoners from the base camp, but those that are recognize Darve and there is much muted celebration.
The other battered and bleeding prisoners simply cower and wet themselves—as they are much afeared.
Quickly riding by and checking both areas, Darve finds approximately 40-50 base camp survivors with an additional 20+ other human prisoners here. In addition, tied up nearby are 40 mule and draft horses (*worth 3,000gp if eventually sold) with the majority coming from your base camp.
At the conclusion of the session, there are still tortuous screams being heard from the eastern part of the camp. Its seems somewhat unlikely that all in the camp are unaware of intrusion, but who knows!

From Dire Tigers: Squat all
From Vegemite mini-boss: Potion of cure light wounds
Potion of Invisibility
+1 Spear
MW Composite Shortbow
13gp—that’s right, 13 whole gold pieces…
Plethora of arrows and bolts (no need to resupply these items unless otherwise stated by Gm)
Brooch of Shielding: Aura faint abjuration; CL 1st
Slot neck; Price 1,500 gp; Weight —
DESCRIPTION: This appears to be a piece of silver or gold jewelry used to fasten a cloak or cape. In addition to this mundane task, it can absorb magic missiles of the sort generated by the spell or spell-like ability. A brooch can absorb up to 101 points of damage from magic missiles before it melts and becomes useless.
CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS: Craft Wondrous Item, shield; Cost 750 gp
From Vegemite spoos: Wooden spears and all the russet mold you care to carry.
From Legionnaires: 9 Potions of Blur
8 Potions of Cure Mod Wounds
2 Potions of Endure Elements
12 MW Breastplates (2 rendered useless by lanced piercings)
14 +1 Longswords
14 MW Heavy Crossbows w/black fletched bolts
15 Daggers (1 used to be Jim the Cooks)
8 Pouches with 9pp & 21gp
*Possible 3,000gp if mule and horses are eventually sold.
Xp: 9,600 (2×4,800) for Dire Tigers
2,400 (6×400) for vegemite spoos
2,400 for vegemite miniboss named ‘Kliboolya’
6,400 for activating spear
3,200 for clearing russet mold off of ziggurat and spear
33,600 (14×2,400) for Aspis Consortium Legionnaires at camp
Total for the night: 57,600 57,600/5 = 11,520/player
*Feel free to check my math, and don’t forget those of you who got bonus xp points. I meant that. Oh, and Jason you get 200xp for playing Juliver CN as even I wanted to choke the hell out of your character.

Saventh Yhi

The party solved the puzzle in Tanzion, with Jack accidentally being killed by friendly fire, and discovered the location of Saventh-Yhi. As they did this, Serayla noticed Zakiyya, the succubus from earlier, spying on the party and getting the location as well. Rodrick left a Magic Mouth for their allies with the information, the party left the ruins, escaping just before the Aspis Consortium arrived, with the succubus meeting them.

Ishirou, the monk who slew Steven the monk way back on the Smuggler’s Shiv was also spotted with the Consortium. Trekking through the jungle, the party crossed a bridge over a river of crocodiles, beating off pterodactyls and a ghostly explorer, cutting it from the other side, finally reaching Saventh-Yhi.


Arriving well before the other factions, the party set up a well-positioned camp. Soon, the other factions arrived. The party chose to continue working with the Sargavan government and visited the other camps, with the exception of the Aspis Consortium, meeting the other shipwreck survivors, who were working in the other camps.Around this time, Rodrick awakened the rooster he had gained from the cockfighting camp, and Curmudgeon the Chicken barbarian was born, fighting alongside the party with the ferocity of a young eagle.


Moving into the city,the party visited the nearby spire in the merchant district, where they were taunted by a apparition of a undead mage who urged them to drink nearby water, battled keches and chimeras, and discovered the corpse of the aforementioned mage. At the spire, they ventured into a cave underneath. Pao-Pao, scouting ahead, discovered a monstrously large bat, which noticed him and chased him through the cavern. Hal and Curmudgeon battled the beast in the air, and Darve struck it down when it descended to attack.

Discovering the spires could be activated, the party worked to find a way to awaken the structure, succeeding by throwing money at it. The spire activated, the party returned to camp. On the road, The party met Zakiyya, accompanied by a few guards and Ishirou. Barely a word was spoken before the two teams exploded into violence. In a flurry of blades, claws, summoning magic, and alien tentacles, Zakiyya was killed. Ishirou was released from the magical control he was under and he and the surviving guards left for their camp.

Deciding where to go next, Nyles consulted Shelyn, who told the party to go to the artisan district. Acquiring a boat, the party with the exception of Rodrick, who was unable to come that day, went to the island it was located on. As they landed and moved in, they discovered incredibly detailed statues and carvings. Soon, they met bow and spear wielding natives, whos leader allowed them entrance after Nyles showed his holy symbol.

They were discovered to be some sort of Shelyn worshipers, following a leader known as the Radiant Muse. They revealed that Saventh-Yhi translated to “Serpent-killer” and was named for a heroes opposition to serpent-men, and that they were tormented by a blood-drinking monster. Some of those suffering were aided by Nyles.

The party was told they could meet the Muse the next day, with the group resting overnight in the village. Pao-Pao used the opportunity to sneak around disguised as a native, discovering a attitude of nervous apprehension toward the Radiant Muse by her followers. Also, during the night Nyles had a disturbing dream showing Shelyn living peacefully in the city before Earthfall and becoming harsh and cold afterward.

When Pao-Pao returned, a disturbing vision of the undead mage from before taunted them, and caused their guard to walk away and study some carvings and drink some water. This mage would appear repeatedly to them.The following morning the group went to meet the Radiant Muse.

On the way to the spire, Pao-Pao turned invisible, and Nyles angered the guide by attempting to cast beneficial spells on him, and was barred from the entrance. On arrival, the Muse was revealed to be a large half-woman half-snake creature, who asked to see the party’s artist. When she was told that Nyles had been held back, she flew into a rage, screaming in fury at the guide for his action and demanded he be allowed in.

As Nyles approached, Darve dramatically heralded his entrance and his theatrics impressed the Muse. The rest of the party was not so lucky, with their attempts at art failing to make a good impression. The Muse, who secret detection spells revealed to be mentally unstable, declared that the party could win her favor by succeeding at a test, slaying the beast that plagued the village. Just then, Pao-Pao sprang from ambush, landing a mighty blow with his warhammer against the Muse. It barely fazed her.


Pao-Pao, realizing he had underestimated her, ran and threw Nyles onto Darves horse, and Darve bolted for the boat as the Muse began casting spells and Pao-Pao and the Witch prepared to make a fighting retreat as the locals looked on.

Seralya escaped, and Nyles, as he rode to the boat, decided instead to fly back and attempt to activate the spire. Nyles soon discovered activating the spire would take an hour, but was unable to escape, being shot down and nearly killed by the Muse, who used him as a hostage to force Pao-Pao to surrender. The Muse spared Nyles, at the price of Pao-Pao being forced to promise to help kill the blood drinker.

When the party returned to camp, they found it badly damaged by what the survivors described as a giant frog monster. The party, now with Rodrick, Hal and Curmudgeon again, went hunting for the blood drinker and the new monster, encountering a demonic snake trapped in a jar, who soon escaped from confinement and battled the party, teleporting away before he could be slain. Beyond it’s prison the party discovered a village of frog-like boggards in the agricultural district, who worshiped the Froghemoth.


After some initial violence, the boggards surrendered. Ignoring their warnings about the beasts power, the party went to “meet” it. The boggards took them to a lake, where the party slew the creature after a difficult battle. The boggards, now awed by their power, allowed them to visit their spire, which the party activated with a feast. The boggards requested that the party find their missing oracle.

Now the party went to find the blood-drinker, finding it was a animalistic, vampire-like creature. The party fought and killed it, however, as the monster was slain, it possessed Curmudgeon, who flew away before the party could stop him. Returning to the Muse, the party was able to activate the spire with art.

In the Temple district, the party battled trogolodytes, and activated the Spire.

Traveling to the military spire, the party found it to be guarded by a force of chaura-ka, who attacked the party after they entered their tower for negotiations after some fighting outside. The party fought through them to their leaders, who released a savage,petrified demon to battle them, however, the party was triumphant, and killing the demon activated that spire as well.

In the Government district, the party met a village of Serpentfolk, using diplomacy to gain entrance and speak to their leader. On the way, they met the boggards oracle, mind controlled by unknown forces, studying carvings. He was freed by the party. Upon reaching the leaders residence Pao-Pao invisibly scouted inside, seeing a woman in a Red Mantis uniform inside.

When they went a woman she claimed to be servant to the master and convinced them to accept food. Seralya went with her to help and the woman attacked, revealing herself to be a snakelike rakasha, the local ruler, and was then killed by the party. The spire was then activated by Hal reading the laws inscribed there. As they left, they saw some shady looking serpentfolk moving towards the spire. The party did not stop them.

As the party worked their way around the city, the various camps fell to the dangers of the jungle, leaving only the Sargavan Government and the Aspis Consortium standing.

Entering the residential district, the party found a courtyard full of colorful webbing and what looked like humans wrapped up in web, and were attacked by a dream spider the size of a small house, known as the Nightmare Dancer.

As they began to battle it, the creature that had possessed Curmudgeon and the snake demon returned, The demon was kept from escaping by a Dimensional Anchor and killed, the spider was slain, and the thing that had murdered Curmudgeon was seemingly killed, then it possessed a baby dream spider and attempted to escape, only to smashed by Pao-Pao.

Just then, their whole camp showed up. The city had suddenly become a battleground, with undead monsters exploding up from underground. The Muse had called the camp to rally at her district and they came, fighting against a undead snakeman and his wight and ghast minions, who were chasing down a panicked elf woman.

Hal and Pao-Pao fought head-on against the creatures, Nyles slaughtered them by channeling positive energy, and the necromancer himself was frozen into a block of ice by Seralya, being killed upon thawing out. The half-elf, known as Juliver, was discovered to be Feebleminded and was cured by Seralya.


Juliver explained that she was an ally of the famed Pathfinder Eando Kline, who been captured while attempting to stop a hidden serpentfolk army from resurrecting their god, Ydersius and conquering the world.

The party agreed to ally with Juliver and save the world, right after activating the final spire.

The party suffered a loss, when they woke up the next morning to find Pao Pao gone and a note left behind explaining that he had been called away to serve in the wars back in his home country.

In fact, he had left because he knew that Dream Spider venom could be used to produce a powerful narcotic known as Shiver, and he had gone to make himself rich in the poison and drug trade.


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