Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Amghawe's Tomb, Eloko Headhunters, and Zenj Spirit Dancers.

At this point along the river, the parties notice snapped saplings and torn brush, evidence that something large has passed through the jungle. A DC 14 survival check revealed that the tracks of a barefoot humanoid and a larger set of clawed humanoid prints with a stride twice as long as that of a human. The trail leads deeper into the jungle to a small clearing where a boar carcass lies splayed open on a boab tree, its entrails laid out before it. A DC 12 spellcraft or knowledge religion check determined that the boar was slain for extispicy—determining the future by studying an animal’s entrails. At the edge of the clearing sat a small gravesite surrounded by anthills, with a gaping hole in the side of the cairn marking where the tomb was breached.

The party was attacked by a greedy necromancer named Jigeke the Exile and his re-animated fast troll zombie.


This was a fairly balanced fight. the party received a +1 spear, dagger, amulet of natural armor +! , war mask of terror, onyx stones worth 250 gp, and the necromancer’s spellbook.

The party as they near Tanzion begin to be stalked by a filthy tribe of gnome like headhunters near the ruined city of Liclac. Known as Eloko, these Mwangi spriggans have grayish-brown skin and spindly arms, and spike their hair and beards with lime. Their faces are painted to resemble leering skulls.


These Eloko are of the Ironbell tribe, and hail from the city of Elokolobha on the eastern fringe of the Screaming Jungle, but they come into the jungle in search of their favorite pray—humans. As the party camped for the night, the spriggans laid in ambush and one of the rang the enchanted iron bell to compel the party to venture unprepared into the jungle, where the Eloko sprang their trap. This worked to a lesser degree, only some of the party were compelled. Picking up on the trick, the party defeats the Eloko and gained the Eloko Bell.

By this time the party has finally left the Screaming Jungle and followed the river across the Korir Plains. At this point, the river widened and became fast and shallow, no more than a few feet deep. The surrounding vegetation consists almost entirely of reeds, mangroves, lotuses, and other water plants. After a few miles of travel, the party spots four young Zenj women bathing in the river. When they see they Party, the girls giggle and shyly invite them to their home just up stream for dinner and rest. They introduce themselves as Alal, MAsozi, Osumare, and Zakiyya.

The party joyously agrees to follow the girls to their home. Dinner is being prepared and the Zenj dancers tell the party of their profession and offer to help them awaken their spirit animials. Everyone is on board except for Darve. Darve is compelled to go outside with Zakiyya (he was dominated). The dancers mix up a brew (poison) someone sense motive (15) to figure out something is wrong. battle ensues. The Party’s witch is also brought under suggestion of the Succubus Zakiyya. This was a very well fought battle. The party was on the brink of being wiped out Zakiyya teleports away and summoned a Babau to fight in her stead (which also teleports away). This is the closest the entire party has been to death. One sense motive fail and they would have been dinner for the succubus.

On the plus side, the zenj dancers were so grateful that they awoke the Parties totem spirit and got nifty tattoos. They gain a +5 sacred bonus as a move action associated with the skill check for their spirit beast or can use wild empathy to commune with creature of the animal species related to their totem.


Zanton RonW

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