Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Chirok the Stormbird, aKelpie, a Dead Dolphin, and Spirit Totems

So the party that Seralya, Darve, and Pao Pao do the Challenge of the wind.

“The task of wind is a simple one. All Gozreh requires is a single complete feather from a humble stormbird. One such magnificent creature, named Chirock, lives but a days walk east. There, at the end of the peninsula, you’ll spot a lone promontory known as Gozreh’s Crest. The bird nest at the top of the cliff. Return when you have the feather. The 3 person team rides upon Darve’s mighty steed Bree to the nest. Pao Pao battles the wind and manage to go invisible and retrieve the feather before being seen by the bird. When challenged by the natives about what they were doing on sacred land, Seralya bewitched the leader and the party was free to go back to that lying bastard Nkechi.


The rest of the party, Jack, Roderick, and Nyles made their way to the Challenge of Water.

“The challenge of water is hardly difficult. Mostly, it is a test of patience and fortitude. Gozreh requires that you retrieve for him a single black pearl. Head north a bit, out by the crags of the cape. Those shores are filled with oyster beds, and such pearls are not uncommon for those who know where to look.”

The locals were willing to offer some assistance for a barter but Roderick declined to pay their price. They eventually chartered a boat and Roderick summoned a dolphin to retrieve the black pearl. The dolphin was killed by the Kelpie below.


The party defeated the Kelpie, with some difficulty. Eventually, they retrieved the black pearl (Nyles was almost swept out to sea).

Nkechi takes the offerings and rubs paste on the party and sends them on a spirit journey to search for the lost city of Saventh-Yi. The party, in their spirit totem forms (you know what they are) traveled and noticed the other factions readying for their journey as well. They reached, eventually what appeared to be Tanzion and were attacked by a Dream Serpent. The battle was somewhat difficult, but the party prevailed and the serpent lost it’s head. DC 20 Knowledge religion check let the party recognize the serpents death as a symbolic depiction of the ancient snake-god Ydersius.

The party awakes and Nkechi agrees to assist the party (Thereby taking a week off of their total travel time to Tanzion), mostly because of the dark omens of the dream.

The Sargavan government, through Rotilius, invites the party to discuss their plans with several expedition experts. It is decided that the party will set out as “trailblazers” with the guide, for the rest of the expedition which will travel a few days behind. The party is given a map of the area and told to meet up with a Dwarf (Named Cheiton) in the city of Kalbuto. The party quickly sets forth on their expedition wasting no time.


Zanton RonW

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