Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Cold Hearts and Strange Dreams


Sasha Nevah volunteers to go hunting for the camp (Provides enough food and water for the camp to feed everyone there up to 8 medium creatures). She seems to particularly feel more comfortable around Nyles as they are both from the same country. Nyles look to see if anything has washed up on the shore. Nyles notices that the waves look really rough.

The camp comes together and some rudimentary shelters get built. It takes about eight hours to set up the camp and is beginning to get dark. Hal construct the most elaborate of shelters on the beach. Sasha says to Nyles “You can call me Shasha.”

The party realizes that they haven’t disposed of Steven’s body yet (DM takes note that these be some cold mo fo’s)

Ishirou eventually grabs Steven’s head by the jaw and his left leg of his body with his other free hand and drags it to the water. He then throw Steven’s corpse out into the low tide…

Nyles sees this and says a short prayer for Steven…

The party is sitting around the fire. Most of the passengers are still in shock. Roderick offers Nyles a spot in his Lean-too. Nyles accepts. Bugs are around but mostly kept at bay.

Sasha has a large “N” tattooed on her back and is missing a finger. (Nyles is pretty and Roderick is actually horribly disfigured…the dycodomy becomes obvious as they sit by the fire). Sasha cuddles up with Nyles and says "I used to work in Elder and this is a tattoo of my clan. This wild life is pretty. She asks Nyles to get her a baby dimorphodon as a pet. She promised to keep it under control and feed it. She continues to flirt and joke with Nyles and look to the sky for the flying beasts that frequented the sky throughout the day. She says “it is vey freeing being out here on the island.” Nyles says “Me I like songbirds. We’ll see if we happen to come by a friendly one.”

Roderick speculates that the “Rest of the crew is over there in the ship or they are over here.” Aeyers is getting hammered on his last bottle of rum and says “They are all F#$##^% dead.” Aeyers throws her bottle into the fire. She urinates on herself and then lays down in her lean-too. Roderick attempts some diplomacy on her (16). She says “leave me alone…” Roderick says “We are on an island there is nothing else to do.” Roderick says “You are a drunk and sickly mess.” Roderick puts some sand on her as she curls up and passes out in her lean-too. Roderick tries to take her shoes…Ishirou walks over and says “no.” Roderick says, “Well at least let me tie her laces together, it will be funny.” Gelik says, “DO IT!, DO IT!, kick her in the the ass!”

Ishirou glares and Gelik says “Meep, maybe not” and sits down immediately.

Nyles says to Ishirou, “What do you like her or something?”

Ishirou blushes and walks away.

Nyles tells Sasha “These are some ugly characters that we washed up here with.” Sasha says “It’s been a long day, I think we just need to get some sleep.”

Nyles stands watch. Everyone else goes to sleep. The party no longer feels nausious. Nyles notices that the whole beach kind of has a faint green glow to it. (Roderick, who is asleep mind you, chymes in that it is glowing algea…maybe…The DM will penalize you for this in some not so suttle way later…maybe). Nyles thinks it is odd.

Roderick dreams:

He is back aboard the _Jenivere__ getting sick. After his latest bout of retching, he slumps back and can see the rest of the passengers and crew on the deck as well. ALl of them sick, except for the Captain and the quiet Varisian Scholar Ieana. She whispers into the Captains ear and gives him a kiss on the cheek. At that point the Captain holds up a wooden spoon and you realize that you are holding one as well…Everyone has a spoon. The ship is sinking and the only way to stop it is to bail out the hold with your spoon! You work feverishly and the waters keep rushing in just before you awake you can see monstrous things with pincers in the water trying to claw their way into the ship.

Roderick wakes up


Zanton RonW

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