Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Flying Vampire Snakes and Riddles

The party enters the Caves of the Mother, a seriously creepy damp and dark place. They leave the horse Bree up above with Aeyrs Mavato, the cannibals look well fed but trusting them with the horse was a bit too much. Jack is feeling better and contributes to the spelunking adventure. Once in the caves the party faces, perhaps their toughest challenges yet. Initially they are faced with a pack of Festerogs (Undead creatures that are beast like).


The party dispatches these creatures with relative ease in the initial Cavers of Unbirth (Where living things are brought to die and perhaps live again).

They eventually find a letter left, in perhaps his own blood, by Captain Alexander Kovack of the _Jenivere_that reads:

I am Captain Alexander Kovack, betrayer of my crew and destroyer of the good _Jenivere__ Hell would be a welcome escape from what hideous unlife looms before me, but it is not less punishment than I deserve. That I was enslaved in mind and body to a serpentine demon who wore a Varisian skin does not pardon me. It is weakness that led the Jenivere, her crew, and her passengers to their doom. That Ieana has abandoned me here is nothing more than I deserve. I do not beg fogiveness, but I despair that she lives still, and that she seeks something dire on this foresaken isle-She seemed particularly interested in Red Mountain. If you read this, and you be a kind soul, seek out what I have become and destroy me, and then seek out Ieana and slay her as well. And to those whose lives I have helped destroy, I can only apologize from this, my dark cradle and darker grave.

The party battles several Lacedons (Aquatic Ghouls) one of which was the poor Captain. They slay them all. They are met deep within the cave by Nylithati (AKA-Mother Thrunefang also a female lacedon cleric of Ydersius).


She offers the party life beyond death, she’ll bite them and infect them with her ghoul fever let them be reborn as her children if they lay down their arms. The party did not seem to find that offer agreeable. Nyles saved the day, as he countered her channeled energy with his own power. The rest of the party moved in, and the zombie fell under the flash of Jack’s musket.. In similar fashion, Jack got kill shots with his gun on several of the Lacedon’s in the cave.

Nyles discovers some carvings to Ydersius and paints (in very bright colors) over them and dedicates the cave to his goddess. It was a sight to see. Some of the carvings are cleared away and provide the following riddle:

To Command the Very Tides to Rise Up ad Eschew What Lies Below:
Empower the Four Sentinel Runes with the Blood of a Thinking
Creature Tempered by the Kiss of a Serpent’s Tongue.
Anoint the Tide Stone with Waters Brought from the Sea in a Vessel of Purest Metal.
Invoke the Lord’s Sacred Name to Wrap His Coils around the Sea Itself
that He Might Lay Bare What Lies Below and Cast Down Your Enemies
on the Waves above.

The party loot up and exits the caves and meet Aerys and Bree up top. They take the path to Red Mountain. While crossing a rope bridge to the mountain the party is attacked by the Red Mountain Devil (A Giant Winged Chupacabra).


This was meant to be a fierce battle…fortunately for the party Darve on his horse Bree managed to charge the beast and run his lance through the creature. The party loot up at the creatures nest and recover some very nice items…that I won’t discuss here.

The party passes a structure described only as The Tidal Stone:

Four Stone monolith’s appearing as jagged stalagmites of rock protrude from the grass at the edge of this bluff. A weathered, snakelike rune is carved into the inner face of each of these stones, all facing a three-foot-high pyramid-shaped block of stone at the center of four surrounding spires. The vegetation and soil surrounding this pyramid has been trimmed back and excavated to expose the strange block fully to view. The peak of the central pyramid has a cup-shaped indentation—channels run down the four sides into empty basins at the base of the pyramid.

The party makes its way past the Tidal stone and passes an ancient wreck of a ship and inspects it. They meet “Captain” Ekubus (Water Mephit) of The Salty Stumpet.


He gives orders to fish and sea urchins in the remains of the ship. His time alone has obviously caused him to go insane. He tells the party that a funny-looking person passed by recently and came down the ledge and swam down to the “scary doors.” When asked why the doors are scary, he srugs and says “Don’t you think underwater doors with vampires carved on them are scary?” The “Captain” agrees to take his crew (the party) to the gate but refuses to enter with them. When the party gets to the gate they notice that the large doors are shut. Thinking about ways to get inside the party camps for the night aboard the Salty Stumpet.


Zanton RonW

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