Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Food for thought aka Thoughts for Food (Attack of the Intellect Devourers)


The party rested in the ruins within sight of the mansion where the leader of the seemingly friendly morlock faction, Udarra was under siege by the forces of the warlord Ixolan. Before resting; however, Serayla’s faerie dragon familiar invisibly scouted out the area, seeing three morlock guards at the mansion door and patrols moving through the city. Oddly, they seemed to amuse themselves by casually throwing full-force punches at each other.

In the morning, the party carefully planned out their attack. With the rest waiting over 300 feet away in reserve, the witch and the merc turned invisible and crept up on the guards. Someone accidentally made too much noise, and the guards began looking around for the intruders. Serayla’s targets dropped, cursed with slumber out of the darkness. The merc threw four mithril daggers into the air, which animated into a spinning ring around him and moved on his guard. The knight and the smurf leapt onto the horse and charged towards the building and up the stairs as Nyles huffed and puffed to join the fray.

The remaining guard attempted to defend himself, but was then rendered unconscious. The knight thundered up the stairs, but then stopped, not seeing any target. Skweesh however, did, hopping off his baby seat and approaching a downed foe with sword in hand. Darve tried to stop him, but he executed the prisoner anyway/delivered righteous judgment, lightning and thunder blasting from his weapon. Nyles arrives seconds later commenting, “I probably can’t heal that.”

Seralya froze a downed enemy as the merc went to study one of the doors. Nyles noticed that the damage from the final blow shouldn’t have done so much damage when a tiny brain with legs lept from hiding attacking the party with magic for a moment before being killed.

Nyles tied up the remaining unfrozen morlock. The merc went through the door, not wanting to waste his remaining time invisible. Inside he saw two giant, cannon wielding machinations battering on a door. Another figure was momentarily glimpsed in the corner, but then disappeared.


The party rushed in to fight against the machines, Skweesh disappointedly crying out, “MY RIDE!” as the knight charged, depriving him of “his” horse. The battle was joined, with the golems smashing elemental substances into the ground and blasting with their cannons. As the battle raged “Nyles” (an illusionary doppelganger) danced into the fray, dodging cannon shots and eventually getting brutally pummeled by the golems, as the real priest had turned invisible to bestow his lifesaving healing from the shadows while the decoy provided a distraction.

A golem fell, and the knight moved to the other side of the room to line up for another charge when suddenly the figure seen earlier, revealed to be Ixolan, leapt out of hiding, his weapon glancing off Darve’s armor as he landed nearby.

The knight charged in retaliation, impaling Ixolan, who, while wounded, survived and vanished in invisibility as frothing morlock warriors ran in, surrounding the knight. Skweesh dropped the remaining golem and the merc attacked the new enemies, chopping with his axe and casting lethal spells.

As this new phase of the battle began, Seralya used her magic to search for the invisible Ixolan. Ixolan noticed her looking at him and attempting to make him visible and leapt from the shadows high into the air to attempt to take down the flying witch. Fortunately he missed, landing in the rubble nearby. He was unable to restore his invisibility in time and was killed by Skweesh. Seralya, now seeing the invisible, noticed that more of the brain monsters were emerging from the fallen morlocks.


Seralya decided it was time for the fight to end, summoning a swarm of 20 foot black tentacles into the fight. Darve rode out of the tentacles and attempted to stab one of the brains, who were becoming visible as they attacked. The merc was grabbed by the tentacles, and Dursar attempted to free him with magic grease. The merc then escaped and although two brains pounced on him, they were quickly killed. The fight seemed to be drawing to a close.

Suddenly, the merc cried out in agony. The leader of the intellect devourers, who had been possessing Ixolan, had crept out of the rubble and nearly killed him with powerful stings to his leg in an attempt to gain a new host.

Before the final blow could be struck, the creature was snatched off of the Merc by Skweesh, who successfully gripped it in his hands. It attempted to ward Skweesh off with its mind powers as the merc and the knight repeatedly stabbed and slashed at it. Finally, the witch, using her powerful magics, polymorphs it into the form of a helpless mouse caught in the smurfs’ enraged, crushing grip.

The great Uthothot’s long, cruel life ended with a skweesh and a crunch.


Zanton chuckm

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