Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Fzumi Salt Mine and a Roadside Cockfight

The first leg of the journey ran through the foothills between Eleder and the Bandu Hills. After 5 days of travel, the main trail snaked northeast around a tall section of hills and then detoured north connecting with several of the regions more profitable and still operating mines. The Party’s map showed the location of an abandoned mine to the southeast marked as, you guessed it “The Fzumi Salt Mine.” Cutting through the mine appears to cut one day of travel off of their route.

The Party encounters a feral woman called Athyra, whom claimed the outskirts of the mine as her hunting area.


She is the pale skinned daughter of the former mine owner and the remaining sole survivor of the tragedy that occurred at the Fzumi mine. Athyra was just a child when undead horrors from beneath the earth boiled out of the mine and slew everyone at the camp except young Athyra, who managed to escape into the surrounding hills.

Left alone and too terrified to return to camp, she was forced to scavenge for food in the wilderness. One day she stumbled upon a clutch of deinonychus eggs; out of curiosity she gathered one up, brought it back to her campsight and kept the egg until it hatched. Athyra cared for the carnivorous hatchling, razing it on scraps of lizard meat, and named it Jaji. Over time, the two became fast friends, and Jaji is now Athyra’s loyal pet.

Now a grown woman, Athyra stands near 6 feet tall with a perfectly muscled figure and stunning features, her dark hair woven into clumped tangles. She dressed in scraps of animal hide and carried a glaive crafted from the toothed jaw of some fearsome jungle beast.

Her initial attitude was unfriendly to the party. However the party sweet talked her into letting them pass through her territory. She warned the Party that the old mine is a tunnel to the underworld, inhabited by spirits of the dead. She knows this because both her father and mother disappeared down the shaft and never came back, and not long after that, angry dead things came out of hte mine and killed everyone in the mining camp. Athyra asked the party to try and find what happened to her father, he wore a silver locket with a picture inside that she wanted back dearly.

Athyra offered to meet the Party on the other side of the hills skeptical that they would make it out alive.

Here is a list of things that the party defeated inside:
1. Crystal Ooze.
2.Several Salt Wights
3. The Blue Warriors (Male Carin Wight)
4. Jelera Crinhouse Salt Wight

The party defeated these creatures, returned the locket to Athyra and informed her of the deed to the mine (the party later gave it to her and set up an administrator to help her run it).

The party encountered a road side cock fight after emerging from the salt mines in the M’neri Plains. Athyra cut a day of their total travel time by giving advice on how to navigate the journey. Long story short, Roderick ends up taking Curmudgeon (a cock-fighting chicken) as his own.


Also, the party fought off the corrupt "Rickets: Perga (NE male himan expert level 3) and his goons when they try to not pay the parties cockfight winnings.


Zanton RonW

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