Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Gibbering What?

This is going to be a quick summary due to the DM having a new kiddo*edited a year later by RonW:

Outside the temple, the party worked on solving the riddle.

Out from the jungle emerged the witch Seralya.


She joined the party, and would prove to be a valuable ally.

The party solved the riddle by catching a venomous snake, allowing it to bite Pao Pao, and poured his poisoned blood into a dish of water, then pouring it out on the stone while speaking the name Ydersius.

With a rumble, the waters lowered, lightning struck the monolith’s, and the great doors swung open.

The party left Aerys and the horse outside, and descended into the ancient vampire temple.

Immediately within, they fought off a group of serpentfolk skeletons.


In the next room, a giant axe blade popped out of the walls and slashed around the room until it was disabled by Pao Pao.

Finally, they found Ieana, or, as she was truly named, Yarzoth.


An epic battle commenced. The serpent Dominated Nyles briefly, but was wounded, and used a device to turn gaseous and escape higher into the temple. The party followed, and found Sasha standing over Yarzoth’s corpse. When the party moved to loot, they found the body was an illusion, and Yarzoth had tried to impersonate Sasha. The chase was on again, and it ended when Darve decapitated the monster.

The group looted, and destroyed a nearby evil altar. When this was done, a pulse echoed through the island, it’s foul influence finally purged.

When the party read Yarzoth’s journal they found she had been searching for the legendary lost city of Saventh-Yhi, and had a lead on it’s location. This information would be very valuable to anyone with an interest in ancient history and/or treasure.

On their way out, the party battled a Gibbering Mouther.


Although it nearly ate Pao Pao, the monster was killed.

The party heads back to to the Thrune Fang cannibal camp with lighthouse mirror in tow and signals a ship to come to their rescue. Darve pays for a return trip (20 gold) to pick up the others that might still be stranded on Castaway Beach.

The whaling vessel that rescued the party takes them to the city of Eleder, where the party rents rooms and an Inn for 2 gold a for the week for the full party to stay. Deciding that they will need funds Roderick goes with Jack and Darve to talk to the Pathfinder Society. Word quickly spreads throughout town of the discovery of Saventh-Yi (The Pathfinder’s must have a leak or being sharers of knowledge, they simply disseminated the information).

Day 1 in Eleder.
Interested Factions in Saventh-Yi contacted the party and were as follows.

1. Pathfinder Society:
Leader: Amivor Glaur. A veteran of several expeditions into the Mwangi interior, Amivor talked of his skill at organizing and leading such missions.

The Pathfinder Society seeks Saventh-Yhi for the dame reason they explore any other ancient ruin—for the lost knowledge that it contains, not to mention the historical artifacts and rumored wealth that can be recovered from the fable city. In addition with the recent loss of their lodge in the city of Kalabuto, the Decemvirate is eager to expand their influence in the region, and Saventh-Yhi might just make a good site for a new Pathfinder Lodge.

Offer: Supplies costs covered if the party leads the expedition. 500 gold per person when the expedition leaves and 1,000 to share when they reach Saventh-Yhi. (This was rejected).

2. Free Captains of the Shackles
Leader: Captain Kassata Lewynn of the Last Hurrah. AS a group the pirate lords of the Shackles have no interest in Saventh-Yhi—but this captain seeks the legendary wealth of the lost city to increase her own standing amongst the pirate lords.
Their friend Aerys Mavato is aligned with the faction. The party was offered a bit more gold if they decided to go with them and Aerys would have joined the party as well. (This was rejected).

3. Aspis Consortium
Leader: Dargan Etters. A charismatic merchant solely interested in his own prestige within the Aspis Consortium. The Aspis Consortium wants Saventh-Yhi for profit. (This was rejected).

4. Red Mantis
Leader: Chivane. Not much is known about the assasin guild’s interest in Saventh Yhi. Rumor is that a temple of Achaekek (Sacred to the Mantis) may exist somewhere within Saventh-Yhi. (Also rejected by the party).

5. Sargavan Government
Leader: General of the Sargavan Guard Rostilius Havelar. A loyal supporter of Baron Utilinus, General Havelar is a stereotypical arrogant colonial. with traditionalist views of the Mwangi natives. He is a military man through and through, a rumored skilled warrior and canny strategist, but some say that he lacks true leadership ability.

The Sargavan government wants Saventh-Yhi for two reasons. 1. If they can establish an outpost there, it increases their presence and influence in the region, while at the same time denying the same benefits to their rivals. 2. The city’s legendary wealth and the opportunity to open new trade routes would go a long way to refilling Sargava’s depleted treasury.

Offer: 1,000 gold when the expedition leaves in a weeks time per party member. 500 additional gold for the party when they arrive at the fabled lost city. Supplies and possibly guards for the party along the way.

The party was instructed to meet the following morning to head to the warehouse where the expedition would be put together. On the way there is a Freeman’s (Former slave) revolt and rabbid dogs are unleashed and two of the Freeman insurgents tried and failed to set the warehouse on fire. They did manage to steal General Havelar from the party and are rumored to have taken him to the South Acardian Whailing Company to make a public display of his execution…


Zanton RonW

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