Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Jenivere Risk and Reward

Day 2

Roderick shares his dream with the rest of the party as he believes it is prophetic. (Men share their dreams with other men right?)

Nyles says “New day, let’s see if our luck has changed.”

Aeyrs wakes up with a horrible hang over. She seems a little more normal and composed. Roderick says “Hung over looks like it is good for your sanity.” Aeyrs says “I feel better.” Aeyrs says, (She rolled really high) “We are on the Smugglers Shiv, it is a notorious island north of Elder. It is not shown on most maps.” She points it out on Steven’s former map/now Roderick’s. She continues to say “It is rightfully feared by those who ply the waters of Desperation Bay. The island is not only named for the knife shape of it’s coastline but also because it has an uncanny habit of wrecking ships that draw too near.” “Mostly smugglers that are eager to avoid detection by Sargava’s navy.”

Nyles says “So what direction do we go in hopes of finding any people.” Aeyrs says, “This is the Shiv, people don’t come back from the Shiv.” Roderick says “How do you know if they don;t come back from the Shiv?” Aeyrs says “You can see wrecks from where the smugglers try to come near here.” Aeyrs continues to say “It is commonly believed that the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv are haunted by ghosts and ghouls of the sailors who have died on the jagged rocks and reefs surrounding the island. These rumors are supported by reports of several failed attempts to establish long-lasting colonies on the remote island.”

Roderick says “Seriously, you are like 30 do you still believe in ghosts?” Aeyrs says “There was supposed to be a lighthouse on the southwest shore.” Roderick says “Everyone we are going that way” and points Southwest. Gelik freaks out and says “I am not going anywhere I am staying right here!” Ishirou says “I am staying right here.” Roderick says “You are wasting your time, you killed all of the bastards here. Can you hunt, you are going to hunt and kill a squirrel with your sword?” Ishirou responds “It kills more than squirrels, it also kills big mouthed monks.”

Jask says “I just need to get these off (looks at his manacles). He says look I was framed. Forget about these for now. Aboard the ship there were some papers that indicate that my superiors in the Shackles, a guy named Avret Kinkarian..” Roderick says “I don;t care. Like we got to go to the lighthouse where people will be. We can go back to the broken-ass ship later. Is there anything else on the ship that matters because once we do this and get those off of your hand you are free.” Roderick continues “Just don’t go back to the Shackles, I’ve been to the Shackles it sucks.” Nyles says “We might have a better chance disabling the manacles at the lighthouse too.”

Jask says “Look the keys have got to be aboard that ship.” Roderick complains profusely…really it would take forever to tell you about it Roderick says “You are screwed, you want them off then you need to go to the lighthouse. You are going to stay here with crazy pants.”

Nyles says “Well it looks like it is me you and Sasha right?” Sasha says “Well…it would be really nice if you would get me a dimorphodon pet, I know they are poisonous but they are sooo cute!”

Roderick says “I am taking your s#$^ to get through the jungle.” No one forks over anything. The gnome Gelik holds his fine clothes tightly.

Roderick spends an hour finding the most supply leaves he can find for using for bathroom breaks. Nyles says a prayer for well being for Sasha. (Steven’s ghost rolls in his watery grave, upset that he’s received but one prayer this whole time). Nyles prays for guidance. Nyles gets and indifferent feeling.

Roderick and Nyles decide to try to get to the wreck of the Jenivere. Roderick badgers Jask into standing by the water to watch for trouble. Nyles and Roderick climb the cliff rocks towards the wreck (Roderick gets a 17 and so does Hal). Nyles (rolls poorly and fails the DC 15 dice check -he got a 10) falls into the harsh surf and almost gets bashed against some sharp rocks but narrow avoids them. Roderick notices the life boat broken up that is tied to the side of the ship. Roderick throws a rope to Nyles (+5 on swim check). Nyles gets bashed on the rocks but eventually gets pulled in with Roderick and Hal’s help (Nyles takes a couple of points of damage).

DM is getting tired of writing today (and needs to work on tomorrows session), but listening to the audio has been a blast

To sum up what follows.

Roderick and Nyles (and Hal) loot the ship and kill another scorpion/crab monster. Roderic keeps the Captains Log (talks about his love for Ieana and his rowing fear of the crew). They find the cook and the first mate dead aboard the ship. It looks like the first mate died not from stab wounds but from the poison from the crab/scorpion monsters. They release Jask from his manacles but do not provide his with the paperwork proving his innocence. Nyles and Roderick proceed into the forest and spend the night about two miles south of camp. The next morning near the beach they spot a monkey man wielding a strange weapon (musket).


Jack introduces himself as a stranded Vanaras and they proceed deeper south into the forest and fight a giant spider and ignore the Dimorphodon nests that they pass.

We will begin the next session on Day 4 of the island. The party has spent two days away from Castaway Beach.


Zanton RonW

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