Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Klorak The (Imb)Red


Pao Pao and Roderick sneak in through the forest towards a structure in the town. They notice a large Shiv Dragon (Think large Monitor Lizard) patrolling the front entrance. Others in the village pass it on the road without reproach. However when Pao Pao and Roderick try to pass it, it attacks them. They dispatch it quickly without much noise. Nyles and Darve and Jack (still sick) stand watch. Pao Pao and Roderick sneak around the side of a structure by a pen containing several re-animated skeletons. The skeletons rattle the cages as the two get close, drawing the unwanted attention from the Thrune Fang Camp.

Battle ensues and Darve rides in to the rescue. Nyles ends up on his own trying to rescue Aerys from the cannibals. Darve and Hal seem to do the most killing. Poa Poa holds his own…for a scholar. Nyles gets his ass kicked and is thrown into the boiling cast iron pot. Nyles is pulled out of the pot near death and the party proceeds through the camp, after freeing Aerys on a killing spree.

The party kills an old human witch (named Malikanda) before she can do much damage to them. They kill her little dog too! Ok, it wasn’t a dog…it was a monkey (her familiar named Thaltaki…he had a name! Monkeys are not surviving well on this island!) The party loots up and moves on to the lighthouse to take on the chief said to reside there with the towns women (It is good to be Chief? Gross since he is likely related to most of them though.)

The party locates a Shrine to Thrune, with several relics from the wreck of the ship the THrune Fang. When the party eventually reaches the top of the lighthouse they dispatch the Chief Klorak the Red.


He would have been pretty touch had he survived long enough to do damage to the party. But they dispatched him quickly. Aeyrs speaking pigdin infernal talks to the remaining mostly naked cannibal women and finds out that there are caves below the village (called the “Caves of the Mother” by the villagers) where the Varisian Scholar and the Captain were seen to have gone.

The lighthouse seems to be functional, but someone removed the reflecting mirror from it so it is, at this time not functional. With no other options left the party decides that they must venture into the Caves of the Mother. Luckily they have gained at least another ally, Aerys. As they ponder the possible consequences of leaving the horse Bree above ground with (cannibal women and children) the weather begins to change dramatically.

Bolts of lightening dance from the sky and the tide begins to pull away from the beach near the camp. The lighting seems to be emanating from Red Mountain. The villages point in the direction of the mountain and inform the party (through Aeyrs) that a Red Mountain Devil resides in the mountain.


Zanton RonW

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