Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

The Simian War

2014-6-23 PF: The Simian War

Darve and Davor, through some quickly purchased and quaffed invisibility and haste potions, rapidly communicate with the survivors and residents of the surrounding districts their need to take up arms and fight to defend their own or become naked abused slaves of the bigoted gorilla king, servant of the demon lord Angazhan.

Through Darve’s diplomatic skills, a la, Mel Gibson in Braveheart,
he stirs the hearts of the people (32), unevolved serpent folk (nat 20), and boggards (26) to fight in spite of their fears or lack of martial skills. His high-minded ideals and stirring speeches didn’t, for some reason (nat 1), reach the prospectors and merchants in the different districts. They had better pray that the Gorilla King is defeated or they will become the new chairs for the new Lord of Saventh-Yhi.

As the others continued to prepare for war, Darve also succeeded in meeting with the Radiant Muse. In trying to communicate and reach agreement with her, he couldn’t help but be reminded of his time with Juliver the way the insane muse bounced about from one mood and thought to another. Employing all his diplomatic training (30), she agreed, when the time was right, to take to the air and demolish any Derhii scouts whose thrumming had been, in her own words, “driving me to the brink of sanity.”

Davor along with Darve and the leaders of the dispatched Sargovan government reinforcements come up with a cohesive multi-pronged battle plan using all available assets, buffs, and pawns to hopefully rid Saventh-Yhi of the newest interlopers.

An hour before dawn, the first wave of attackers move out with Darve riding conspicuously with his banner at the front of an impressive, if not unusual collection of boggards and serpentfolk. They advance along the northern shore of Lake Hirilaka approaching the now overrun mercantile district.

Ruthazek spies and scouts immediately report the advance to the Gorilla King. Enraged by the violation of their ‘honorable’ agreement, Ruthazek releases the whole weight of his winged Derhii scouts to rain death from above as a portion of his lesser monkey and ape foot soldiers move in to engage their enemy.

Before the winged scouts are able to reach the oncoming motley group of frogs and snakes, a hideous laugh echoes from the darkened sky as the lead scout plummets to earth with a sickly thud laughing manically all the way down. From her airborne greater invisible sphere, the Radiant Muse releases her 5 waiting giant mantises that drop down upon the surprised flying gorilla scouts. With combined charms, holds, and her powerful bow and devastating magically imbued arrows few boggards and snakes are slain as the Derhii scouts are whittled down until none remain. With Darve leading the charge both lines of serpent folk and boggards clash into the on-rushing ape and monkey fighters. While an unreal cacophony of boggard croaks, Derhii thrumming, clashing armor and swords, screams of pain and death, and ape and monkey hoots and enraged calls fill the air, the Radiant Muse supports from the air with various boosts and heals before becoming bored with the spectacle and withdraws to her district.

Many fall on both sides, but the battle is still slightly favoring the ‘allies’ as they press further into the Gorilla’s mercantile district. With the reports coming back to the king, both through soldiers and the dying Derhii scouts thrumming, the enraged Gorilla King whips himself into a fury as he commits the rest of his reserves into an all or nothing counteroffensive to try and drive the challengers into Lake Hirilaka. An impressive collection of dire apes and frenzied charau-ka thunder through the streets and across the rooftops in a maddened and raging attack.

The second wave of allies including; veteran Sargovan troops, (including; a crack sniper team), Nyles and his most able warrior priests and clerics, and the rest of the party push into the fray.

The momentum remains with the allies, as the truly frightening power of Hal is released with abandon on the hapless foes.
Darve and Davor press in on the edges of the point of the spear pressing further towards a collision with the now thundering Gorilla King. Having left all semblance of sanity he has entered into a blood lust crushing anything in his path with his bare hands and mauling with his bite.

While all out war still writhes around the party they come face to face with the Gorilla King who bellows, “Meet your doom, pinkskinned liars and cowards! I will have your bones for my throne!”


Zanton RonW

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