Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

The Smuggler's Shiv

Shiprecked and ill at ease.


DM-Jason AKA Zanton

The Players:

John- Roderick the Nameless/Summoner
Jon- Nyles/Cleric
Ross- Steven Bruce Van Norris/Monk then Jack/Vanaras Gunslinger

Other passengers aboard the ship:
a. Captain Alizandu Kovack
b. First Mate Alton Devers
c. Varisian scholar Ieana
i. The other five passengers
1. Aerys Mavato
2. Gelik Aberwhinge
3. Ishirou
4. Jask Derindi
5. Sasha Nevah
d. Ships crew

Introductions and Calm Proceed the Oceanic Flight 315 Crash (If you don’t get that reference watch more tv).
Day 1.

The party finds themselves aboard the Jenivere,they introduced themselves to each other as they were embarking on a long ship voyage and you will all get to know each other very well.


Nyles, a young human male speaks up first. With a bow and a flourish he introduces himself “I am Nyles a Cleric of the Divine Shelyn.” He stands guard over a parcel located in the corner of his ships quarters farthest from the door. He boarded the ship in Medialgalti port of Illizman. His holy symbol is a medallion portraying a multicolored songbird. His sexuality is clearly open to debate.


Steven is next to introduce himself. He is/was a middle aged human monk. He boarded in Cheliax and appeared to keep to himself for most of the voyage. A stern sort, although not exceptionally strong or well built, he is quick to resolve maters with his fists. Much like the passenger Ayers Mavato, another passenger aboard the Jenevire. He can typically get two hits in before his foes have a chance to apologize for harshing his zen.


Lastly Roderick introduces himself to the motley crew. He is a middle aged half elf slightly older than Steven. He boarded the ship rather quickly off of The Shackles. There were many people falling behind him as he boarded the ship and it caused quite a stir. Following Roderick is a large imposing figure that is referred to only as Hal. Hal never seems to leave his masters side. Hal is an imposing figure…Roderick is kind of chubby and scarred, although extremely persuasive he ain’t winning any beauty pageants.

The party is together with the crew one fateful night eating in the galley. (Everyone rolls a Fortitude save!). 13+2 save vs. poison=15-Nyles 13-Steven 11-Roderick.

Nyles wakes and everything is dark and silent…then sensation begins to creep back in—the feel of sand below and of something wet lapping at his feet, the sound of ocean waves washing against the beach, and a heavy pressure over his legs.
Then suddenly, he feels a searing pain in his left foot. (And takes 1 point of damage. Now Roll Initiative!)

Two Ochre Eurypterid’s (Think Giant Blue-ish Crab/Scorpions) are hovering above his prone form.


Nyles feels a wash of nausea and disorientation. He is unarmed but has his armor on. Nyles quickly notices a pile of weapons ten feet away stacked haphazardly. Some appears to be wet but nothing looks damaged. (Takes a standard action to retrieve any single weapon).

Nyles takes his full turn to go an retrieve his glaive from the pile of weapons and gear. Steven takes a claw to his leg and then another to his thigh (4 total points of damage) but wakes up feeling a similar waive a nausea. Nyles tries a dazing touch attack on the Ochre E nearest to him. His god feels that he is not particularly worthy and his spell fails. Nyles takes a five foot step back.

Steven (armed with his fists) attempts a flurry of blows. He misses with both swings, his blows glance right off of the beast’s hard carapace. Roderick wakes to a pinch on his neck (takes 1 pt of damage) and takes and unsteady and sickly five foot step back. And summons a celestrial dog out of thin air! Steven takes one point of damage from the right pincer of the Ochre E nearest to him.

The Ochre E nearest to Nyles clips him with a pincer (for 1 damage). Nyles gives himself a bit of luck (allows him to roll 2 D20 6 times a day and take the highest roll). Roderick retrieves his spear whilst his celestial beast bites the head off of the Ochre E nearest Steven. (Que the final fantasy 7 theme music..Duh, Dun, Dah, Dah!). The second Ochre E tried to attack the C Dog but missed with both pincers.

Nyles stands five feet back (stupid glaive) and cuts through the remaining Ochre E with his blade like a hot…well glaive..through…stutter, flutter…yeah you know the analogy I am thinking of. The Ochre twitches thrice and moves no more.

The party notices the passengers from the ship sleeping in a pile next to where they woke up.
Everyone seems to be there except for the Captain, his first mate, and the
Varisian scholar.


Zanton RonW

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