Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Whales and Acid Trips

The party rushes to The South Acadian Whaling Company to rescue Rotilius Havelar from the Freeman revolt. When the party arrived Umagro (Freeman Leader-Human Barbarian level 6) was at the top of the Flensing House holding Rotilius hostage at knife point. Umagro demanded for the abolition of slavery in Sargava to the gathering crowed below. The party tried to reason with Umargo but to no avail.

The party decided on a more direct approach to get into the building, the front door. The party quickly dispatches the Freeman Insurgents inside the Whaling company, and skillfully avoided the “Hopper Trap” constructed from the mechanism used to grind whale bones. The party further avoided getting lit on fire by whale oil that was thrown at them.

Umargo was the most difficult of the challenges.


The party face him on the roof of the Flensing House. He quickly slit Rotilius’s throat (down to zero hit points) and let him begin to slide off of the roof. Each part member on the roof had to make a DC 12 acrobatics check and a DC 15 reflex check if they failed or fall off of the roof! Eventually Umagro gets worn down and falls off of the roof. Darve quickly (and somewhat accidentally dispatches him. They are able to stabilize and heal Rotilius. No solid clue as to whom riled up the Freeman Insurgents, but the Aspis Consortium is hinted to be behind it.

Rotilius suggests that before the expedition is ready to leave in a weeks time that the party finds a “seasoned guide” to help them navigate the harsh and strange terrain, as well as to deal with local tribes. The most able candidate is an aged mystic priest of Gozreh named Nkechi. In order to find the holy man the party is advised to take a small boat up the coast and try to approach the Pallid Bluffs from there.

The party follows the suggestion and makes haste. They dispatch two giant crabs, which disappoints Nkechi. Eventually, after Nkechi is made friendly, he clambers down the rocks to meet the party. Once the party explained their purpose, Nkechi says the following:


“In truth, I am skeptical of your abilities. At best you seem to me blissful incompetents. I doubt you even capable of finding your way back to town, much less through the jungle. But Gozreh may have different ideas, and it may serve his purpose for me to accompany you. I am willing to accept your proposal in you first prove yourselves by completing two simple tests, one of wind and one of water. Of course, you may decline, but I must add that if you fear performing Gozreth’s simple tasks, there is no way you will survive the jungle.”

The tasks were not supposed to be simple…but the party handled them with skill and creativity that bordered on ideal given the situation. The party first decided to split up to save time.


Zanton RonW

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