Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

The Final Vault

As the battle pressed into the mercantile district on the northwestern shores of lake Hirilaka, the party crashes into the raging Gorilla King and his two henchsimians. Hal meets the King in head-on combat along with Darve and the others—including Nyles who put down the shire weed long enough to bring his weight to bear! Seralya takes down the simian witchdoctor and the ape cleric soon falls as well. Ruthazek, the Gorilla king, fell under Hal’s claws.
The following loot and treasure and XP is gained:
XP: 38,400 for the King 38,400/5 = 7,680/player
XP: 38,400 for freeing the ‘pinkskins’ 38,400/5 = 7,680/player
XP: 9,600 for Teka, Charau-ka cleric 9,600/5 = 1,920/player
XP: 8,000 for Charau-ka shaman 8,000/5 = 1,600/player
XP: 10,000 for coordinating battle/war & killing dozens of spoos = 2,000/player

Even if you’ve not officially dinged, you have now. Consider yourself at 12th and 11th for Nyles.

Looty loot:

Ruthazek, Gorilla King: _+3 half plate, 2 Thundering Falchion, MW spear, Amulet of Natural Armor2, Ring of Protection+2, Gold crown worth 2,000gp.

From monkey camp: 10,300gp worth of gold and various gems.

From Teka, cleric: Scroll of cure serious wounds, scroll of flame strike, +2 hide armor, MW heavy wooden shield, +1 Flaming club, Copper armband worth 30gp, spell component pouch, bone holy symbol of Lamashatu.

From monkey shaman: copper arm band worth 30gp and a gnarled broken stick—probably infected with hepatitis or monkey aids.

From the battle field: numerous spoo weapons not worth counting and probably looted by mercs and survivors anyway.

The group went back to the residential district and healed up, powered up, and spelled up.
They then went out to kick ass in the final vault.

First, spying from a distance, some boxed text:
“A narrow dirt trail winds along the side of a cliff. Vines grow down the nearly sheer wall from the top of the escarpment twenty feet above. An untamed tangle of thorny brush lies thirty feet below, while ahead the path continues to climb the eroded dirt wall. The trail rounds a corner and abruptly ends in a short, shadowed draw. A tracery of vines grows along the ravine’s walls and across the space between them like a canopy. A pair of closed stone portals, recessed several feet, stands in the face of the cliff.”

Seralya then spotted well-camouflaged monkeys on the ridge waiting to drop spiked log traps onto the party ruining the surprise and meaning their doom. Hal and company release flying death and maul the hapless spoos.

Moving into the vault, which comes to be known as the Vault of the body thief, Hal unceremoniously kicks in the door on to some boxed text: “The outer doors open onto a large irregular chamber that has been fastidiously cleaned. Every bit of debris and dust has been removed, and the stone floor has been buffed to a dull shine.

Two pallets of dried grass lie in the center of the room, each with a smooth, flat stone for a pillow.”

Davor pushes ahead and ‘stealths’ around and doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary (accept it’s real clean) as he presses on down the hallway ahead. “The tunnel descends into a puddle of muck that extends around the corner.” The group moves cautiously ahead as Dave discovers the punji stake trap when it went through his ankle. As a result, he gets entrapped and poisoned by purple worm poison.

Before the group can come to his aid, two flying invisible ogre mage monks try to bojangle Rodrick with a flurry of blows.
The monks rolled pretty crappy or it would have been worse, but Rodrick pulled through by pulling from his hp sink (Hal). The sister monk was dropped and the remaining sibling went crazy and pressed his attack. Dave dropped his invisibility and started screaming like a little boy attracting 5 boggards to the miry hall. They belch and croak and swing their morning stars to little avail. Nyles keeps poring the heals on—yay!
Soon the party drops the remaining monk and presses in to try and get their weakening friend Dave out of the trap. The boggards get bojangled and Dave finally gets his mangled foot out of the simple but effective trap.

“The mud slick ends in an oddly shaped chamber. Three side rooms extend from a central sitting area holding a crudely cobbled together table and chairs. The mud pool and entry corridor occupy one of these side chambers. Opposite these is an exit corridor. On one side is a room stacked with bags and casks of supplies, and freshly dressed game hanging from hooks on the wall. On the other side, the third chamber holds a number of bedrolls and bundles of personal possessions.”

XP: 19,200 for the monks/5 = 3,840/player
16,000 for the boggards/5 = 3,200/player

From the monks: MW composite longbow (x2), arrows, Amulet of mighty fists +1 (x2), 2 copper bands 60gp. (When you’re leaving one of the bodies is gone.)

From the boggards: 5x (Potion of heal moderate wounds, MW Breastplate, MW heavy wooden shield, +1 Morning star, 3 Javelins, copper arm band 30gp)

Traveling further: “The corridor turns abruptly to the south here, next to a shallow alcove to the north. A large marble statue of stunning design stands in the alcove, depicting a female Azlanti warrior poised with spear raised. Rarely are such works of art found, and even more rarely in such pristine condition.”

Hal prepares to slap a ‘MINE!’ sticker on it, but not before Seralya spots a glimmer off of a trip wire. “Wait!” Hal takes a moment and centers himself and finds himself suddenly able to disable device with a little help from his friends. He discovers that if the statue were touched or anyone passed in front of it, it would have resulted in the spear swinging a wide swath from west to east and exploding a glyph of warding (and would have destroyed the statute). With a little study, the party learns that it is a very ancient and very rare statue of Savinth herself, carved in her lifetime, worth around 10,000gp.

XP: 12,000/4 for disarming the trap/glyph and not destroying the ancient treasure = 3,000/player.

The party presses on: "The corridor widens to form a small cave here. The floors and walls are marred by numerous scratches, and the well-gnawed bones of various animals are scattered across the floor. The air is heavy with a thick, animal stench.”

They find two girallons chained to a wall at the end of a hallway. Darve shouts heroically, “We come in peace!” In response, one of the chained girallons slings some compacted poo at Darve who deftly deflects it with his missle shield feat. Seralya then presses the discussion and finds out that they are kept as pets for ‘their boss who is behind this wall.’ They are more than happy to flee the area if released. A brief discussion and they are released whereby they sprint for the exit, but not before one of them steps in the punji stake trap and howls in pain…in common.

XP: For releasing the Girallons 20,000/4 = 5,000/player.

The party buffs and readies themselves for whatever lies behind the door. Hal triggers the door and moves further in: “Some effort has been made to dress and smooth the walls in this series of chambers. A couple of rough benches lie along the walls, and a lantern sits atop a barrel, giving off a smoky glow.

A darkened opening lies to the south, but to the southwest another chamber flickers with lamplight.”

Through Hal’s tremor sense and Serlaya’s true sight, the party quickly finds a Roper and the Kaava Bush Devil from her visions.
Battle ensues, a pit froms, threats are made, black tentacles erupt ensnaring and harassing much of the party, glitter dust flies, ice falls and entombs, and fire eventually erupts. Quick work is made of the devil as Hal senses more vibrations of something large in the adjacent room.

Meanwhile, slowly but surely, at a zombie’s pace, Mr. Roper climbs up the pit only to be put down in mocking fashion.

XP: 19,200/4 for Mr. Roper = 4,800/player
38,400/4 for the Kaava Bush Devil = 9,600/player

From Kaava: Potion of Cure Serious wounds, Rhino Hide armor, Amulet of Nat Armor +4, Boots of Striding and Springing, 2x copper arm bands worth 30gp each.

“Dozens of candles stand on recessed stone shelves lining the walls of this chamber, many of them burnt down to puddles of dried wax, the rest providing a dim, flickering illumination. An opulent bedchamber and sitting area have been created here on a grand scale out of stolen furniture, crates, and camp gear; the room contains a huge bed draped with netting, a large table cobbled together from crates, and shields and pieces of armor set out as dishes and serving platters.”

In the room: 25x gold ingots worth 100gp each, bag of gold dust worth 850gp, 2x sparkly bracelets worth 300gp each, Small chest with various gems and coins worth 150gp, and a cracked brass horn that glows magical (and mysterious—just begging someone to blow on it!).

The dividing wall that separates the party from the final chamber drops as a Derhii scout steps forward to make war. Behind him: “This room almost defies description. A large stone block stands in the middle of the room, and upon it stand a total of seven rough crystal prisms, each approximately three feet tall. Disembodied brains of various sizes hang suspended in the center of six of the crystals. Copper coils and wires run from lead caps atop these prisms to a large copper vat full of a bubbling green liquid. Additional copper leads extend from this vat to a nearby box of strange, oily metal, humming with energy and capped with two short pillars coiled tightly with copper strands. A small gold platform sits between the two pillars.”


Stymied by the protection from evil dropped on Hal, the Derhii scout, or rather the mutated intellectual devourer/sorcerer inside of him, fails to make a feeble mind spell stick, and then struggles to combat the overpowered game whored summoner and his pet, eventually almost falling to the opportunistic blade of Dave—saved only at the last second by his blur (Dave makes an inner vow to get his eyes checked soon). It dimension doors out to regroup and heal, but before he gets a chance, Seralya tracks him and zeros in on him and Hal storms in to finish him off—missing with the first strike (due to blur), but explodes him with the next swipe!

Study reveals a ‘mad scientist’ type lab with crystalline tubes and gooey brain remnants floating about inside. One intact brain remains—dun dun dunnn!!!

XP: 2,400 for the Derhii Scout/4 = 600/player
51,200/4 for the brainiac/4 = 12,800/player
From the Derhii scout: +1 Falchion and 10 shiny javelins

From the brain: 7x crystalline prisms worth 2,000 each, various mechinations and lab minerals worth 5,000gp, and a portable hole which has an alchemists lab inside, and 4 Azlanti crystals with the rune of wealth.

13 Prestige points earned from this module/player.

From the module: “Once the PCs have recovered all six of the focusing crystals, it is a simple matter to repair the portal in area B13. With the circuit complete, the mural becomes a fully functional two-way portal between that chamber and area B14. From there, the PCs can finally venture into…‘The Thousand Fangs Below.’”


Zanton RonW

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