Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition


Kalabuto is the last bastion of civilization before the wilderness of the Mwangi Expanse. Shortly after the Party arrived in the city, a 10-year-old Zenj begger approaches them. Introducing herself as Kibi, she sells them small hand-carved wooden fetishes for a copper piece each. The party buys them up. She says “Please I need food. These are good luck charms—the tribes in the jungle will see them and know you as friends.”

In reality the orphan girl was working for an unknown rival faction and her trinkets mark the Party as targets for the factions agents.

The party picks up on being followed and Poa Poa does some serious ninja action in town.


He makes himself look like a Zenj and takes the girl and jumps to the roof tops avoiding the authorities, ultimately placing the girl in a wooden box. The rest of the party dispatches the faction agents and manages to get to the bottom of the situation with only a hint as to which faction sent them (Aspis Consortium seems most likely). They let the girl go and send the faction agents off bare-ass into the streets.

The party meets up with a brawny dwarf named Cheiton and he welcomes the Party to his home and says they can discuss the journey to Tanzion “away from hungry ears.”


Before the party leaves from Kalbuto, Cheiton warns them to be wary of foreign tribes once they cross the Mwangi border. Besides the xenophobic cult-warriors of Mzali, there are also the cannibalistic fey Eloko of the screaming jungle, and the degenerate, demon-worshiping ape-men known as the charau-ka.

Also at this time, Curmudgeon starting losing his feathers. Rodrick wasted no time in taking him to see the local druid, who spoke with the chicken and pointed Rodrick to the snickering ninja.

Later that night, Pao Pao woke with Hal sitting on his chest, as the summoner demanded an apology. Hal couldn’t keep the ninja from escaping, but Pao Pao did say he wouldn’t do it again.


Zanton RonW

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