Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Welcome to the Jungle...We have Puns and Dames

Day 4

PARTY STATUS UPDATE: (The Party has grown, glad to see there is interest out there!)
Keep in mind that the party is mixed levels. Although the leveling is fast tracked, it is still very much you get what you earn at each session. At some point I will be awarding additional XP for Roleplaying (making choices that may not be ideal because it’s what your character would do). But for story purposes levels are neither here nor there.

1. Nyles (Cleric)=Jon
2. Roderick (Summoner)=John
3. Jack (Gunslinger)=Ross
4. Pao Pao (Academic/Geologist-Ninja in actuality)=Ryan
5. Darvan (Cavalier)=[REDACTED]
Coming soon:
6. Seralya(Witch)= Michael

Nyles, Roderick, and the newly introduced Jack “The Vanarian Gunslinger” (Think humanoid monkey-man not an STD) make their way through the jungle. Jack comes down with jungle sickness and is incapacitated, but present (not for xp purposes however) for the next few days with party and is virtually useless. What good is a gunslinger too sick to aim his guns?

The party meets up with two other recently shipwrecked individuals. Darvan (Darve to the GM) an obvious Cavalier (Knight) of the Order of the Lion and his horse named Bree.


Also the silent Pao Pao a scholar of sorts purportedly on the Shiv to study the land.


Being in so treacherous an environment the party is not as questioning of the new members as they might have been otherwise. Plus, let’s face it Darve has a horse! That is going to make traversing the island a bit easier. (I questioned the survivability of the horse on this island initially).

The party eventually locates the following:

The remnants of a quickly rigged shelter and evidence of a small campfire sitting well above the high-tide line on a narrow sandy beach.

Upon further investigation (DC Perception 15 check) the party locates some refuse, what appears to be Captain Kovack’s tricorn hat, and some scarves belonging to the Varisian Scholar that was often seen with him aboard the ill fated Jenivere.

Roderick places the tricorn hat on Hal’s head. Despite the jungle rain the party tracks what appears to be a trail heading deeper into the jungle to the South. (DC 15 Survival at some point becoming DC 20 Survival check).

Darvan mounted on his horse Bree leads the party into the jungle. Some of the party begins to notice dead monkeys in the tree tops with two bloody holes in their necks. Certainly a disconcerting thing to see as they progress deeper into the jungle…deeper into the Shiv. Nyles asks Roderick “Do we know that one?” and points at the monkey in the tree. Jack was too sick to notice the jest at his expense.

Eventually the party stumbles upon a "Creeper’s Clearing:


A fifty-foot-diameter clearing in the sun to beat down a field of wilted-looking plants, their leaves a sickly, diseased yellow. The party vanquishes a giant mushroom creature with it’s noxious spores and invasive roots (Yellow Musk Creeper) and two Yellow Musk Zombies (Think vines and moss on a zombie). The party ends the blighted creatures existence and the afteraffects of the spores eventually fade to little discomfort for the party.

The party continues to make its way through the jungle and comes upon a wellworn dirt path. Bree sets off numerous spiked snare traps (cleverly hidden vine traps stung across the pathway). The forth one actually catches the horse and lifts it off of the ground but does no damage to Bree (Trap was not made with such a heavy creature in mind). Darve cuts his horse down and the party continues down the path.

The party pauses when the path winds through a 10-foot-wide gulch here, flanked on either side by steep 50-foot high slopes. Poa Poa climbs the slope to investigate and is immediately attacked by Thrunefang Cannibals (The Thrunefang was the boat most of the cannibals ancestors were on before they became permanent residents on the Shiv and some of them noticed the party making their way down the path). A battle ensues. (I don’t have time to retell everything but I can tell you Poa Poa barely saved himself by jumping to a rope used to scale the slopes and was very bloodied…also Nyles obviously failed gym as he never actually made it up the rope to assist). The party prevailed, some what worse for the battle but worked reasonably well as a team. How did Pao Pao learn to use a short sword in his academic studies?

Following the trial south the Party finally discovers the lighthouse…it’s located right at the edge of the Thrunefang Cannibals Camp! They carefully sneak up to the camp to discover more about the camp. The women are not seen very often in the town but amongst the men are several somewhat deformed and stunted children with sharp looking teeth (there is no nice way to say this, the kids, they look to be inbred). Aerys (a fellow cast-a-way from the Jenivere) is tied up in the center of the camp (not looking well at all) and a fire has been started under a large cast iron pot in the center of the town.

The party quickly plans out an attack of the camp!


Zanton RonW

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