Sepent's Skull/ Zanton Edition

Gibbering What?

This is going to be a quick summary due to the DM having a new kiddo*edited a year later by RonW:

Outside the temple, the party worked on solving the riddle.

Out from the jungle emerged the witch Seralya.


She joined the party, and would prove to be a valuable ally.

The party solved the riddle by catching a venomous snake, allowing it to bite Pao Pao, and poured his poisoned blood into a dish of water, then pouring it out on the stone while speaking the name Ydersius.

With a rumble, the waters lowered, lightning struck the monolith’s, and the great doors swung open.

The party left Aerys and the horse outside, and descended into the ancient vampire temple.

Immediately within, they fought off a group of serpentfolk skeletons.


In the next room, a giant axe blade popped out of the walls and slashed around the room until it was disabled by Pao Pao.

Finally, they found Ieana, or, as she was truly named, Yarzoth.


An epic battle commenced. The serpent Dominated Nyles briefly, but was wounded, and used a device to turn gaseous and escape higher into the temple. The party followed, and found Sasha standing over Yarzoth’s corpse. When the party moved to loot, they found the body was an illusion, and Yarzoth had tried to impersonate Sasha. The chase was on again, and it ended when Darve decapitated the monster.

The group looted, and destroyed a nearby evil altar. When this was done, a pulse echoed through the island, it’s foul influence finally purged.

When the party read Yarzoth’s journal they found she had been searching for the legendary lost city of Saventh-Yhi, and had a lead on it’s location. This information would be very valuable to anyone with an interest in ancient history and/or treasure.

On their way out, the party battled a Gibbering Mouther.


Although it nearly ate Pao Pao, the monster was killed.

The party heads back to to the Thrune Fang cannibal camp with lighthouse mirror in tow and signals a ship to come to their rescue. Darve pays for a return trip (20 gold) to pick up the others that might still be stranded on Castaway Beach.

The whaling vessel that rescued the party takes them to the city of Eleder, where the party rents rooms and an Inn for 2 gold a for the week for the full party to stay. Deciding that they will need funds Roderick goes with Jack and Darve to talk to the Pathfinder Society. Word quickly spreads throughout town of the discovery of Saventh-Yi (The Pathfinder’s must have a leak or being sharers of knowledge, they simply disseminated the information).

Day 1 in Eleder.
Interested Factions in Saventh-Yi contacted the party and were as follows.

1. Pathfinder Society:
Leader: Amivor Glaur. A veteran of several expeditions into the Mwangi interior, Amivor talked of his skill at organizing and leading such missions.

The Pathfinder Society seeks Saventh-Yhi for the dame reason they explore any other ancient ruin—for the lost knowledge that it contains, not to mention the historical artifacts and rumored wealth that can be recovered from the fable city. In addition with the recent loss of their lodge in the city of Kalabuto, the Decemvirate is eager to expand their influence in the region, and Saventh-Yhi might just make a good site for a new Pathfinder Lodge.

Offer: Supplies costs covered if the party leads the expedition. 500 gold per person when the expedition leaves and 1,000 to share when they reach Saventh-Yhi. (This was rejected).

2. Free Captains of the Shackles
Leader: Captain Kassata Lewynn of the Last Hurrah. AS a group the pirate lords of the Shackles have no interest in Saventh-Yhi—but this captain seeks the legendary wealth of the lost city to increase her own standing amongst the pirate lords.
Their friend Aerys Mavato is aligned with the faction. The party was offered a bit more gold if they decided to go with them and Aerys would have joined the party as well. (This was rejected).

3. Aspis Consortium
Leader: Dargan Etters. A charismatic merchant solely interested in his own prestige within the Aspis Consortium. The Aspis Consortium wants Saventh-Yhi for profit. (This was rejected).

4. Red Mantis
Leader: Chivane. Not much is known about the assasin guild’s interest in Saventh Yhi. Rumor is that a temple of Achaekek (Sacred to the Mantis) may exist somewhere within Saventh-Yhi. (Also rejected by the party).

5. Sargavan Government
Leader: General of the Sargavan Guard Rostilius Havelar. A loyal supporter of Baron Utilinus, General Havelar is a stereotypical arrogant colonial. with traditionalist views of the Mwangi natives. He is a military man through and through, a rumored skilled warrior and canny strategist, but some say that he lacks true leadership ability.

The Sargavan government wants Saventh-Yhi for two reasons. 1. If they can establish an outpost there, it increases their presence and influence in the region, while at the same time denying the same benefits to their rivals. 2. The city’s legendary wealth and the opportunity to open new trade routes would go a long way to refilling Sargava’s depleted treasury.

Offer: 1,000 gold when the expedition leaves in a weeks time per party member. 500 additional gold for the party when they arrive at the fabled lost city. Supplies and possibly guards for the party along the way.

The party was instructed to meet the following morning to head to the warehouse where the expedition would be put together. On the way there is a Freeman’s (Former slave) revolt and rabbid dogs are unleashed and two of the Freeman insurgents tried and failed to set the warehouse on fire. They did manage to steal General Havelar from the party and are rumored to have taken him to the South Acardian Whailing Company to make a public display of his execution…

Flying Vampire Snakes and Riddles

The party enters the Caves of the Mother, a seriously creepy damp and dark place. They leave the horse Bree up above with Aeyrs Mavato, the cannibals look well fed but trusting them with the horse was a bit too much. Jack is feeling better and contributes to the spelunking adventure. Once in the caves the party faces, perhaps their toughest challenges yet. Initially they are faced with a pack of Festerogs (Undead creatures that are beast like).


The party dispatches these creatures with relative ease in the initial Cavers of Unbirth (Where living things are brought to die and perhaps live again).

They eventually find a letter left, in perhaps his own blood, by Captain Alexander Kovack of the _Jenivere_that reads:

I am Captain Alexander Kovack, betrayer of my crew and destroyer of the good _Jenivere__ Hell would be a welcome escape from what hideous unlife looms before me, but it is not less punishment than I deserve. That I was enslaved in mind and body to a serpentine demon who wore a Varisian skin does not pardon me. It is weakness that led the Jenivere, her crew, and her passengers to their doom. That Ieana has abandoned me here is nothing more than I deserve. I do not beg fogiveness, but I despair that she lives still, and that she seeks something dire on this foresaken isle-She seemed particularly interested in Red Mountain. If you read this, and you be a kind soul, seek out what I have become and destroy me, and then seek out Ieana and slay her as well. And to those whose lives I have helped destroy, I can only apologize from this, my dark cradle and darker grave.

The party battles several Lacedons (Aquatic Ghouls) one of which was the poor Captain. They slay them all. They are met deep within the cave by Nylithati (AKA-Mother Thrunefang also a female lacedon cleric of Ydersius).


She offers the party life beyond death, she’ll bite them and infect them with her ghoul fever let them be reborn as her children if they lay down their arms. The party did not seem to find that offer agreeable. Nyles saved the day, as he countered her channeled energy with his own power. The rest of the party moved in, and the zombie fell under the flash of Jack’s musket.. In similar fashion, Jack got kill shots with his gun on several of the Lacedon’s in the cave.

Nyles discovers some carvings to Ydersius and paints (in very bright colors) over them and dedicates the cave to his goddess. It was a sight to see. Some of the carvings are cleared away and provide the following riddle:

To Command the Very Tides to Rise Up ad Eschew What Lies Below:
Empower the Four Sentinel Runes with the Blood of a Thinking
Creature Tempered by the Kiss of a Serpent’s Tongue.
Anoint the Tide Stone with Waters Brought from the Sea in a Vessel of Purest Metal.
Invoke the Lord’s Sacred Name to Wrap His Coils around the Sea Itself
that He Might Lay Bare What Lies Below and Cast Down Your Enemies
on the Waves above.

The party loot up and exits the caves and meet Aerys and Bree up top. They take the path to Red Mountain. While crossing a rope bridge to the mountain the party is attacked by the Red Mountain Devil (A Giant Winged Chupacabra).


This was meant to be a fierce battle…fortunately for the party Darve on his horse Bree managed to charge the beast and run his lance through the creature. The party loot up at the creatures nest and recover some very nice items…that I won’t discuss here.

The party passes a structure described only as The Tidal Stone:

Four Stone monolith’s appearing as jagged stalagmites of rock protrude from the grass at the edge of this bluff. A weathered, snakelike rune is carved into the inner face of each of these stones, all facing a three-foot-high pyramid-shaped block of stone at the center of four surrounding spires. The vegetation and soil surrounding this pyramid has been trimmed back and excavated to expose the strange block fully to view. The peak of the central pyramid has a cup-shaped indentation—channels run down the four sides into empty basins at the base of the pyramid.

The party makes its way past the Tidal stone and passes an ancient wreck of a ship and inspects it. They meet “Captain” Ekubus (Water Mephit) of The Salty Stumpet.


He gives orders to fish and sea urchins in the remains of the ship. His time alone has obviously caused him to go insane. He tells the party that a funny-looking person passed by recently and came down the ledge and swam down to the “scary doors.” When asked why the doors are scary, he srugs and says “Don’t you think underwater doors with vampires carved on them are scary?” The “Captain” agrees to take his crew (the party) to the gate but refuses to enter with them. When the party gets to the gate they notice that the large doors are shut. Thinking about ways to get inside the party camps for the night aboard the Salty Stumpet.

Klorak The (Imb)Red


Pao Pao and Roderick sneak in through the forest towards a structure in the town. They notice a large Shiv Dragon (Think large Monitor Lizard) patrolling the front entrance. Others in the village pass it on the road without reproach. However when Pao Pao and Roderick try to pass it, it attacks them. They dispatch it quickly without much noise. Nyles and Darve and Jack (still sick) stand watch. Pao Pao and Roderick sneak around the side of a structure by a pen containing several re-animated skeletons. The skeletons rattle the cages as the two get close, drawing the unwanted attention from the Thrune Fang Camp.

Battle ensues and Darve rides in to the rescue. Nyles ends up on his own trying to rescue Aerys from the cannibals. Darve and Hal seem to do the most killing. Poa Poa holds his own…for a scholar. Nyles gets his ass kicked and is thrown into the boiling cast iron pot. Nyles is pulled out of the pot near death and the party proceeds through the camp, after freeing Aerys on a killing spree.

The party kills an old human witch (named Malikanda) before she can do much damage to them. They kill her little dog too! Ok, it wasn’t a dog…it was a monkey (her familiar named Thaltaki…he had a name! Monkeys are not surviving well on this island!) The party loots up and moves on to the lighthouse to take on the chief said to reside there with the towns women (It is good to be Chief? Gross since he is likely related to most of them though.)

The party locates a Shrine to Thrune, with several relics from the wreck of the ship the THrune Fang. When the party eventually reaches the top of the lighthouse they dispatch the Chief Klorak the Red.


He would have been pretty touch had he survived long enough to do damage to the party. But they dispatched him quickly. Aeyrs speaking pigdin infernal talks to the remaining mostly naked cannibal women and finds out that there are caves below the village (called the “Caves of the Mother” by the villagers) where the Varisian Scholar and the Captain were seen to have gone.

The lighthouse seems to be functional, but someone removed the reflecting mirror from it so it is, at this time not functional. With no other options left the party decides that they must venture into the Caves of the Mother. Luckily they have gained at least another ally, Aerys. As they ponder the possible consequences of leaving the horse Bree above ground with (cannibal women and children) the weather begins to change dramatically.

Bolts of lightening dance from the sky and the tide begins to pull away from the beach near the camp. The lighting seems to be emanating from Red Mountain. The villages point in the direction of the mountain and inform the party (through Aeyrs) that a Red Mountain Devil resides in the mountain.

Welcome to the Jungle...We have Puns and Dames

Day 4

PARTY STATUS UPDATE: (The Party has grown, glad to see there is interest out there!)
Keep in mind that the party is mixed levels. Although the leveling is fast tracked, it is still very much you get what you earn at each session. At some point I will be awarding additional XP for Roleplaying (making choices that may not be ideal because it’s what your character would do). But for story purposes levels are neither here nor there.

1. Nyles (Cleric)=Jon
2. Roderick (Summoner)=John
3. Jack (Gunslinger)=Ross
4. Pao Pao (Academic/Geologist-Ninja in actuality)=Ryan
5. Darvan (Cavalier)=[REDACTED]
Coming soon:
6. Seralya(Witch)= Michael

Nyles, Roderick, and the newly introduced Jack “The Vanarian Gunslinger” (Think humanoid monkey-man not an STD) make their way through the jungle. Jack comes down with jungle sickness and is incapacitated, but present (not for xp purposes however) for the next few days with party and is virtually useless. What good is a gunslinger too sick to aim his guns?

The party meets up with two other recently shipwrecked individuals. Darvan (Darve to the GM) an obvious Cavalier (Knight) of the Order of the Lion and his horse named Bree.


Also the silent Pao Pao a scholar of sorts purportedly on the Shiv to study the land.


Being in so treacherous an environment the party is not as questioning of the new members as they might have been otherwise. Plus, let’s face it Darve has a horse! That is going to make traversing the island a bit easier. (I questioned the survivability of the horse on this island initially).

The party eventually locates the following:

The remnants of a quickly rigged shelter and evidence of a small campfire sitting well above the high-tide line on a narrow sandy beach.

Upon further investigation (DC Perception 15 check) the party locates some refuse, what appears to be Captain Kovack’s tricorn hat, and some scarves belonging to the Varisian Scholar that was often seen with him aboard the ill fated Jenivere.

Roderick places the tricorn hat on Hal’s head. Despite the jungle rain the party tracks what appears to be a trail heading deeper into the jungle to the South. (DC 15 Survival at some point becoming DC 20 Survival check).

Darvan mounted on his horse Bree leads the party into the jungle. Some of the party begins to notice dead monkeys in the tree tops with two bloody holes in their necks. Certainly a disconcerting thing to see as they progress deeper into the jungle…deeper into the Shiv. Nyles asks Roderick “Do we know that one?” and points at the monkey in the tree. Jack was too sick to notice the jest at his expense.

Eventually the party stumbles upon a "Creeper’s Clearing:


A fifty-foot-diameter clearing in the sun to beat down a field of wilted-looking plants, their leaves a sickly, diseased yellow. The party vanquishes a giant mushroom creature with it’s noxious spores and invasive roots (Yellow Musk Creeper) and two Yellow Musk Zombies (Think vines and moss on a zombie). The party ends the blighted creatures existence and the afteraffects of the spores eventually fade to little discomfort for the party.

The party continues to make its way through the jungle and comes upon a wellworn dirt path. Bree sets off numerous spiked snare traps (cleverly hidden vine traps stung across the pathway). The forth one actually catches the horse and lifts it off of the ground but does no damage to Bree (Trap was not made with such a heavy creature in mind). Darve cuts his horse down and the party continues down the path.

The party pauses when the path winds through a 10-foot-wide gulch here, flanked on either side by steep 50-foot high slopes. Poa Poa climbs the slope to investigate and is immediately attacked by Thrunefang Cannibals (The Thrunefang was the boat most of the cannibals ancestors were on before they became permanent residents on the Shiv and some of them noticed the party making their way down the path). A battle ensues. (I don’t have time to retell everything but I can tell you Poa Poa barely saved himself by jumping to a rope used to scale the slopes and was very bloodied…also Nyles obviously failed gym as he never actually made it up the rope to assist). The party prevailed, some what worse for the battle but worked reasonably well as a team. How did Pao Pao learn to use a short sword in his academic studies?

Following the trial south the Party finally discovers the lighthouse…it’s located right at the edge of the Thrunefang Cannibals Camp! They carefully sneak up to the camp to discover more about the camp. The women are not seen very often in the town but amongst the men are several somewhat deformed and stunted children with sharp looking teeth (there is no nice way to say this, the kids, they look to be inbred). Aerys (a fellow cast-a-way from the Jenivere) is tied up in the center of the camp (not looking well at all) and a fire has been started under a large cast iron pot in the center of the town.

The party quickly plans out an attack of the camp!

Jenivere Risk and Reward

Day 2

Roderick shares his dream with the rest of the party as he believes it is prophetic. (Men share their dreams with other men right?)

Nyles says “New day, let’s see if our luck has changed.”

Aeyrs wakes up with a horrible hang over. She seems a little more normal and composed. Roderick says “Hung over looks like it is good for your sanity.” Aeyrs says “I feel better.” Aeyrs says, (She rolled really high) “We are on the Smugglers Shiv, it is a notorious island north of Elder. It is not shown on most maps.” She points it out on Steven’s former map/now Roderick’s. She continues to say “It is rightfully feared by those who ply the waters of Desperation Bay. The island is not only named for the knife shape of it’s coastline but also because it has an uncanny habit of wrecking ships that draw too near.” “Mostly smugglers that are eager to avoid detection by Sargava’s navy.”

Nyles says “So what direction do we go in hopes of finding any people.” Aeyrs says, “This is the Shiv, people don’t come back from the Shiv.” Roderick says “How do you know if they don;t come back from the Shiv?” Aeyrs says “You can see wrecks from where the smugglers try to come near here.” Aeyrs continues to say “It is commonly believed that the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv are haunted by ghosts and ghouls of the sailors who have died on the jagged rocks and reefs surrounding the island. These rumors are supported by reports of several failed attempts to establish long-lasting colonies on the remote island.”

Roderick says “Seriously, you are like 30 do you still believe in ghosts?” Aeyrs says “There was supposed to be a lighthouse on the southwest shore.” Roderick says “Everyone we are going that way” and points Southwest. Gelik freaks out and says “I am not going anywhere I am staying right here!” Ishirou says “I am staying right here.” Roderick says “You are wasting your time, you killed all of the bastards here. Can you hunt, you are going to hunt and kill a squirrel with your sword?” Ishirou responds “It kills more than squirrels, it also kills big mouthed monks.”

Jask says “I just need to get these off (looks at his manacles). He says look I was framed. Forget about these for now. Aboard the ship there were some papers that indicate that my superiors in the Shackles, a guy named Avret Kinkarian..” Roderick says “I don;t care. Like we got to go to the lighthouse where people will be. We can go back to the broken-ass ship later. Is there anything else on the ship that matters because once we do this and get those off of your hand you are free.” Roderick continues “Just don’t go back to the Shackles, I’ve been to the Shackles it sucks.” Nyles says “We might have a better chance disabling the manacles at the lighthouse too.”

Jask says “Look the keys have got to be aboard that ship.” Roderick complains profusely…really it would take forever to tell you about it Roderick says “You are screwed, you want them off then you need to go to the lighthouse. You are going to stay here with crazy pants.”

Nyles says “Well it looks like it is me you and Sasha right?” Sasha says “Well…it would be really nice if you would get me a dimorphodon pet, I know they are poisonous but they are sooo cute!”

Roderick says “I am taking your s#$^ to get through the jungle.” No one forks over anything. The gnome Gelik holds his fine clothes tightly.

Roderick spends an hour finding the most supply leaves he can find for using for bathroom breaks. Nyles says a prayer for well being for Sasha. (Steven’s ghost rolls in his watery grave, upset that he’s received but one prayer this whole time). Nyles prays for guidance. Nyles gets and indifferent feeling.

Roderick and Nyles decide to try to get to the wreck of the Jenivere. Roderick badgers Jask into standing by the water to watch for trouble. Nyles and Roderick climb the cliff rocks towards the wreck (Roderick gets a 17 and so does Hal). Nyles (rolls poorly and fails the DC 15 dice check -he got a 10) falls into the harsh surf and almost gets bashed against some sharp rocks but narrow avoids them. Roderick notices the life boat broken up that is tied to the side of the ship. Roderick throws a rope to Nyles (+5 on swim check). Nyles gets bashed on the rocks but eventually gets pulled in with Roderick and Hal’s help (Nyles takes a couple of points of damage).

DM is getting tired of writing today (and needs to work on tomorrows session), but listening to the audio has been a blast

To sum up what follows.

Roderick and Nyles (and Hal) loot the ship and kill another scorpion/crab monster. Roderic keeps the Captains Log (talks about his love for Ieana and his rowing fear of the crew). They find the cook and the first mate dead aboard the ship. It looks like the first mate died not from stab wounds but from the poison from the crab/scorpion monsters. They release Jask from his manacles but do not provide his with the paperwork proving his innocence. Nyles and Roderick proceed into the forest and spend the night about two miles south of camp. The next morning near the beach they spot a monkey man wielding a strange weapon (musket).


Jack introduces himself as a stranded Vanaras and they proceed deeper south into the forest and fight a giant spider and ignore the Dimorphodon nests that they pass.

We will begin the next session on Day 4 of the island. The party has spent two days away from Castaway Beach.

Cold Hearts and Strange Dreams


Sasha Nevah volunteers to go hunting for the camp (Provides enough food and water for the camp to feed everyone there up to 8 medium creatures). She seems to particularly feel more comfortable around Nyles as they are both from the same country. Nyles look to see if anything has washed up on the shore. Nyles notices that the waves look really rough.

The camp comes together and some rudimentary shelters get built. It takes about eight hours to set up the camp and is beginning to get dark. Hal construct the most elaborate of shelters on the beach. Sasha says to Nyles “You can call me Shasha.”

The party realizes that they haven’t disposed of Steven’s body yet (DM takes note that these be some cold mo fo’s)

Ishirou eventually grabs Steven’s head by the jaw and his left leg of his body with his other free hand and drags it to the water. He then throw Steven’s corpse out into the low tide…

Nyles sees this and says a short prayer for Steven…

The party is sitting around the fire. Most of the passengers are still in shock. Roderick offers Nyles a spot in his Lean-too. Nyles accepts. Bugs are around but mostly kept at bay.

Sasha has a large “N” tattooed on her back and is missing a finger. (Nyles is pretty and Roderick is actually horribly disfigured…the dycodomy becomes obvious as they sit by the fire). Sasha cuddles up with Nyles and says "I used to work in Elder and this is a tattoo of my clan. This wild life is pretty. She asks Nyles to get her a baby dimorphodon as a pet. She promised to keep it under control and feed it. She continues to flirt and joke with Nyles and look to the sky for the flying beasts that frequented the sky throughout the day. She says “it is vey freeing being out here on the island.” Nyles says “Me I like songbirds. We’ll see if we happen to come by a friendly one.”

Roderick speculates that the “Rest of the crew is over there in the ship or they are over here.” Aeyers is getting hammered on his last bottle of rum and says “They are all F#$##^% dead.” Aeyers throws her bottle into the fire. She urinates on herself and then lays down in her lean-too. Roderick attempts some diplomacy on her (16). She says “leave me alone…” Roderick says “We are on an island there is nothing else to do.” Roderick says “You are a drunk and sickly mess.” Roderick puts some sand on her as she curls up and passes out in her lean-too. Roderick tries to take her shoes…Ishirou walks over and says “no.” Roderick says, “Well at least let me tie her laces together, it will be funny.” Gelik says, “DO IT!, DO IT!, kick her in the the ass!”

Ishirou glares and Gelik says “Meep, maybe not” and sits down immediately.

Nyles says to Ishirou, “What do you like her or something?”

Ishirou blushes and walks away.

Nyles tells Sasha “These are some ugly characters that we washed up here with.” Sasha says “It’s been a long day, I think we just need to get some sleep.”

Nyles stands watch. Everyone else goes to sleep. The party no longer feels nausious. Nyles notices that the whole beach kind of has a faint green glow to it. (Roderick, who is asleep mind you, chymes in that it is glowing algea…maybe…The DM will penalize you for this in some not so suttle way later…maybe). Nyles thinks it is odd.

Roderick dreams:

He is back aboard the _Jenivere__ getting sick. After his latest bout of retching, he slumps back and can see the rest of the passengers and crew on the deck as well. ALl of them sick, except for the Captain and the quiet Varisian Scholar Ieana. She whispers into the Captains ear and gives him a kiss on the cheek. At that point the Captain holds up a wooden spoon and you realize that you are holding one as well…Everyone has a spoon. The ship is sinking and the only way to stop it is to bail out the hold with your spoon! You work feverishly and the waters keep rushing in just before you awake you can see monstrous things with pincers in the water trying to claw their way into the ship.

Roderick wakes up

Castaway Beach


Day 1 Continued Castaway Beach

Roderick gathers his wits and summons Hal to the beach. Steven and Nyles gather their equipment.
They notice the following:

To the south, a wall of green rises in the form of a dense jungle filled with a cacophony of life. To the east and west, ragged arms of jagged rocks reach out to embrace a wave-tossed cove, while to the north, the waters of the sea surge and churn between the beach and a line of razor sharp rocks.

Nyles casts a spell to heal himself. Roderick begins to wake up the other castaways from the ship. Steven assists him in waking up the others. The other passengers all appear to be shocked and slightly ill. They ask what happened? Why are we here!?

Nyles looks frantically for the cargo that he is guarding and can’t find it. Everyone in the party notices the following:

Even a cursory glance is enough to confirm that the Jenivire will never sail again. Only the fortuitous presence of a sharp ridge of rock near the side of the sheer cliff wall has prevented the wreck from sinking entirely into the sea, for only the ship’s stern seems to have survived the wreck. This portion is wedged at an angle between the cliff and the rocks, and each wave shakes and tosses the wreck alarmingly. It won’t be long before the constant pounding of the waves dislodges the wreck and allows the hungry sea to claim the last of this once-fine ship.

Roderick checks to see if everyone is there. He looks for the captain. He notices that the Varisian Scholar is not present, nor is the Captain, the first mate or the rest of the crew of the Jenivire. Just the other passengers survived. Nyles, notices the prisoner Jask Derindi sitting in the sand looking panicked and forlorn. Roderick wonders to himself, “Why is this man a prisoner?”

The party begins to remember:

Their last clear memory is of sitting down aboard the _Jenivere _. After that, there is nothing but a confusing jumble of images, remembered as if in a dream—feelings of nausea, panic, fear, and drowning.

The party also notices tracks from where they were at the beach leading from the water a fair number of times to where they woke up.

Roderick and Nyles believe that someone drug them out of the water.

Roderick asks Jask “Why were you being held prisoner?” (Roderick rolls a natural 20 on diplomacy). Jask responds “I was being held prisoner aboard the ship, what the hell happened?” “I got framed for somethign alright it is none of your business!” Jask yells, clearly panicked. Jask appears to to the party to be telling the truth. Roderick attempts to try to break his (masterwork) manacles. The manacles appear like they won’t come off without a key or some kind of lock picking, and Roderick eventually gives up on trying to break him free.

Steven looks through his maps (+2 to geography) and can’t determine where they are (he rolled a 6 total). Gelik (the gnome in fancy clothes) says “Of course it’s not on your bloody map, what the F@#$! happened?” Gelik just looks pissed.

Aerys Mavato (Rolls a 19 on her Lore check). She says “We are on the Shiv! The Smuggler’s Shiv, ships wreck here and they don;t come back. How did we get here?” “This is a long ways off our path, where is the Captain?” Roderick says “Maybe he went down with the ship, aren’t they supposed to do that?” Gelik gives Roderick and approving grin and says “I hope the bastard died.”

Roderick asks “So…whose tracks are these?”

Nyles prays for guidance in the sand (rolled a 19). Nyles gets the sudden urge to set up a camp

Aerys starts drinking alcohol from her pack revealing an incredible thirst.

The party begins preparing a camp on the beach

Jask says “I got to get out of these things, looking at his manacles.” Nyles attempts to cast Charm person on Jask. Jask attempts to head butt Nyles, “He staggers off and says YOU stay away from me.” Roderick speaks to the whole group of shipwrecked passengers to try to urge them to help out. Ishirou says, “I’ll stay here and watch.” Steven says “Get your ass in gear.” Roderick says, “That is fine, everybody else come on, we are all working you are too.”

Steven says, “No, I said get your ass in gear.” Roderick audibly sighs. Ishirou challenges Steven to a duel to the death. Ishirou is obviously pissed off. Steven tries to use his stunning fist on Ishirou (rolls a 9). He pulls out his Katana (masterwork) and (rolls a 20 and confirms the crit with an 18 = 16 points of damage). Steven’s head goes flying as it is cleaved from his head.


Ishirou says “Fuck it, I am on my own.” Roderick says, “Wait, you look seasoned, you know that walking out alone is a rookie move.” (Diplomacy check). Ishirou says looking at Aerys, “I am going to stay. You need protection.” He puts his sword in the ground and crosses his legs. Roderick loots Steven’s corpse.

Gelik is laughing and rolling around on the ground thinking the event was the funniest thing he’s seen in awhile…

The Smuggler's Shiv
Shiprecked and ill at ease.


DM-Jason AKA Zanton

The Players:

John- Roderick the Nameless/Summoner
Jon- Nyles/Cleric
Ross- Steven Bruce Van Norris/Monk then Jack/Vanaras Gunslinger

Other passengers aboard the ship:
a. Captain Alizandu Kovack
b. First Mate Alton Devers
c. Varisian scholar Ieana
i. The other five passengers
1. Aerys Mavato
2. Gelik Aberwhinge
3. Ishirou
4. Jask Derindi
5. Sasha Nevah
d. Ships crew

Introductions and Calm Proceed the Oceanic Flight 315 Crash (If you don’t get that reference watch more tv).
Day 1.

The party finds themselves aboard the Jenivere,they introduced themselves to each other as they were embarking on a long ship voyage and you will all get to know each other very well.


Nyles, a young human male speaks up first. With a bow and a flourish he introduces himself “I am Nyles a Cleric of the Divine Shelyn.” He stands guard over a parcel located in the corner of his ships quarters farthest from the door. He boarded the ship in Medialgalti port of Illizman. His holy symbol is a medallion portraying a multicolored songbird. His sexuality is clearly open to debate.


Steven is next to introduce himself. He is/was a middle aged human monk. He boarded in Cheliax and appeared to keep to himself for most of the voyage. A stern sort, although not exceptionally strong or well built, he is quick to resolve maters with his fists. Much like the passenger Ayers Mavato, another passenger aboard the Jenevire. He can typically get two hits in before his foes have a chance to apologize for harshing his zen.


Lastly Roderick introduces himself to the motley crew. He is a middle aged half elf slightly older than Steven. He boarded the ship rather quickly off of The Shackles. There were many people falling behind him as he boarded the ship and it caused quite a stir. Following Roderick is a large imposing figure that is referred to only as Hal. Hal never seems to leave his masters side. Hal is an imposing figure…Roderick is kind of chubby and scarred, although extremely persuasive he ain’t winning any beauty pageants.

The party is together with the crew one fateful night eating in the galley. (Everyone rolls a Fortitude save!). 13+2 save vs. poison=15-Nyles 13-Steven 11-Roderick.

Nyles wakes and everything is dark and silent…then sensation begins to creep back in—the feel of sand below and of something wet lapping at his feet, the sound of ocean waves washing against the beach, and a heavy pressure over his legs.
Then suddenly, he feels a searing pain in his left foot. (And takes 1 point of damage. Now Roll Initiative!)

Two Ochre Eurypterid’s (Think Giant Blue-ish Crab/Scorpions) are hovering above his prone form.


Nyles feels a wash of nausea and disorientation. He is unarmed but has his armor on. Nyles quickly notices a pile of weapons ten feet away stacked haphazardly. Some appears to be wet but nothing looks damaged. (Takes a standard action to retrieve any single weapon).

Nyles takes his full turn to go an retrieve his glaive from the pile of weapons and gear. Steven takes a claw to his leg and then another to his thigh (4 total points of damage) but wakes up feeling a similar waive a nausea. Nyles tries a dazing touch attack on the Ochre E nearest to him. His god feels that he is not particularly worthy and his spell fails. Nyles takes a five foot step back.

Steven (armed with his fists) attempts a flurry of blows. He misses with both swings, his blows glance right off of the beast’s hard carapace. Roderick wakes to a pinch on his neck (takes 1 pt of damage) and takes and unsteady and sickly five foot step back. And summons a celestrial dog out of thin air! Steven takes one point of damage from the right pincer of the Ochre E nearest to him.

The Ochre E nearest to Nyles clips him with a pincer (for 1 damage). Nyles gives himself a bit of luck (allows him to roll 2 D20 6 times a day and take the highest roll). Roderick retrieves his spear whilst his celestial beast bites the head off of the Ochre E nearest Steven. (Que the final fantasy 7 theme music..Duh, Dun, Dah, Dah!). The second Ochre E tried to attack the C Dog but missed with both pincers.

Nyles stands five feet back (stupid glaive) and cuts through the remaining Ochre E with his blade like a hot…well glaive..through…stutter, flutter…yeah you know the analogy I am thinking of. The Ochre twitches thrice and moves no more.

The party notices the passengers from the ship sleeping in a pile next to where they woke up.
Everyone seems to be there except for the Captain, his first mate, and the
Varisian scholar.


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